5 Interior Design Trends To Look Out For In 2022 

If you want to revamp your home this year, you’re probably on the hunt for updated interior design trends. You might have found some of your favorite artists or celebrity’s home interior design and want to replicate them. Whether you want to gather more inspirational interior design ideas or collate every detail into your existing vision board, this article will be helpful for you.

In the current decade, the rising trends for emphasis on sustainability and nature continue. More attention is also given to creating a more relaxing and cozier indoor atmosphere. Whatever design you want to stick to, the key is ensuring that it will remain in style for many years. You can navigate here for your home living needs.

Here are some of the famous design trends in 2022:

1. Dark Kitchen Design

When sprucing your home, many homeowners prioritize their kitchen space. This year, one ongoing trend is to create a kitchen space with a darker and moodier ambiance. This fits any modern house and should match your style if you want to adapt something unconventional for your home. Gone are the trends for light-painted kitchens. If you’re worried about the cost, there are ways to save on your kitchen renovation while achieving your goals.

Go for darker hues of paint colors for your cooking area. These shades usually add more character, uniqueness, and flair to your kitchen. Not to mention, it would be harder to spot grimes, grease, and dirt, because of the dark colors. Your kitchen will continue to look elegant and clean for many years. Incorporate the right design and patterns of granite or marble countertops. All these incorporated dark designs are definitely in for this year.

2. Incorporating Earth Tones

When talking about the trending colors for 2022, you’ll find many earth tones. From clothing, shoes, and bags to home decor, furniture, and others, earth tone colors such as brown, tan, green, gray, and muted orange are used more.

If you want to change your home’s interior design, one great way is to incorporate earth-tone colors into your living space. You can replace your curtains and furniture upholstery and add decor elements to these shades. Restorative and calming healing spaces are essential in our homes, and soft earth tones can help you achieve that. Another perk of this color palette is that they’re flexible and versatile to combine and work with each other.

3. Bringing Nature Inside

Bring authentic greenery to your home this 2022 with your nature-inspired design. As your family spends more time indoors, it only makes sense to incorporate nature inside the house. The plants in your home will complement your home’s warm browns and natural woods and purify the air. Indoor plants offer many mental and physical benefits, and it’s a fail-proof way to elevate your aesthetics.

Before purchasing your favorite plants, be sure to do your research. Others are simply easier to care for and fit better for your indoors. Some of the famous indoor plants to go for are Monstera, Snake Plant, Bamboo, Sweetheart plant, and Palm. They usually require less water and sunlight. They can live long and purify your indoor air with enough care.

4. Maximalism Design

While minimalism has been a trend in previous years, many experts have seen some homeowners explore the maximalism style this year. This is where they incorporate many layers, bold patterns, and textures. If you’re ready to try something out of the ordinary, you can add layers to your rooms and make them stand out more.

To achieve a maximalist design, you can go for printed wallpaper, use bold paint colors for your walls, and add more patterns and depth to your design. This is the best strategy to surprise your family and friends who haven’t visited your home for a long time.

5. Sustainable Design Choices

People are increasingly purchasing sustainable products, and this trend will continue in the coming years. Everybody wants to decrease their carbon footprint, and opting for sustainable home design is a relevant step toward that goal. There is a growing awareness of the importance of buying environmentally friendly or ‘green’ products.

This means you can repurpose your old furniture, buy from second-hand or salvage shops, and go for products and decors that are sustainably manufactured. Many green design choices will look great in your home. It’s all a matter of sourcing them from the right shops and vendors. Another way is to recreate and recycle your existing items.


This year, you can wow your guests and friends by changing your home’s interior design with creative details that are unique and trending. With the different ideas above, you can either apply one or incorporate and mix other design ideas for your home. The key is to do enough research and create a vision to know what works and what doesn’t.

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