5 of the Best Sides for Burgers

You can barely drive down the road these days without passing some kind of burger joint, be it fast food, drive-in, or dine-in. This delicious finger food’s origins have been the subject of some debate by food scholars, but most agree that its meaty base originated for wide distribution in the 19th century.

Nowadays, there are all sorts of awesome burgers made from beef, turkey, and vegetables. Each of these pairs best with different side dishes. What are the best sides to burgers that you can find today? Here are 5 of the most popular choices.

1. Onion Rings: Burger Sides and a Bar Food All Their Own

Onion rings are a relative newcomer as far as burger sides go. However, they are one of the most popular options, even winning out over the classic french fries for some eaters. The best onion rings by far tend to be beer-battered, crisp, and not too greasy. If they’re made well enough, you can almost pretend you’re eating a healthy vegetable!

Onions count as healthy, right?

2. Coleslaw: One of the Best Food Pairings in the South

Go to any Southern cookout, and you’ll likely see coleslaw served up by the bowlful. Not only is this one of the best sides you can scoop onto your plate, but it makes a great topping for burgers as well. Just ask those who live in the Carolinas, who layer coleslaw, onions, mustard, and chili on a hamburger for a flavor experience that must be tasted to be believed.

3. French Fries: A Classic Pair

Naturally, no list of side dishes for burgers would be complete without mentioning the chocolate to their peanut butter, french fries. You can get loads of different gourmet french fry options in a wide variety of shapes today. From sweet potato waffle fries to spiced-up nacho fries, you can even get parmesan truffle fries here if you’re so inclined.

All of these side dishes and more make a delicious companion for your burger.

4. Salads: Health-Conscious Side Dishes for the Modern Burger Eater

As people have grown more conscious of what they consume, their food pairings for burgers have shifted away from fat-laden to fat-cutting. A salad, especially something bright and flavorful, can cut through the greasy aftertaste sometimes left by a heavy burger.

5. Baked Beans: Delicious Hamburger Sides for Cookouts

Baked beans, especially barbeque baked beans, are some of the best sides to hamburgers at a cookout. Depending on how heavy-handed the chef is with their ingredients, they can be more filling and less fattening than french fries. Give them a try, and thank us later for the extra fiber.

Want to Drool Over More of the Best Sides Paired With Burgers?

Did the thought of these 5 best sides for burgers set your mouth to watering? Do you want to find more ideas and recipes for side dishes you can serve alongside your next batch of burgers? If so, then check out our blog each day for more delicious and inspirational articles like this one!

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