5 Pro Tips For Planning The Perfect Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor proposals are very common. Understandably so, especially if you have a great setup with the perfect vintage, preowned engagement ring to match. And just like these engagement parties, outdoor weddings have also become increasingly popular in the past few years. Well, why not?

Outdoor weddings are immaculately beautiful. There’s no other perfect setting or backdrop than that which nature provides. And when the weather cooperates—the setting sun, the bright moon, and a night full of stars—it just adds to the magic. It’s perhaps no surprise why despite all the challenges that planning an outdoor wedding may bring, there are still so many couples who choose to say ‘I Do’ outdoors.

If you’re keen on pushing through with an outdoor wedding and navigating through all the ups and downs of planning the perfect one, this article could help you out. Here, you’d have expert tips on how to plan the perfect outdoor wedding to make those dreams of yours come true.

  1. Think About The Amenities

Each time you go through wedding venues, for example, possible Queenstown wedding venues, make it a point to also check what amenities are available. Take note of them so you can narrow down potential outdoor venues based on the amenities that are accessible there.

One of the most important aspects to identify is whether the venue has restrooms. It could be troublesome to need to rent out portable bathrooms for your wedding just because the venue doesn’t have such. Apart from the restrooms, you can also check for the following amenities:

  • Generators;
  • Dance floor or a flat area for guests to enjoy;
  • Rooms for outfit changes, if you need one.

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  1. Decide On What Your Ideal Weather Is

There’s no absolute definition of what ‘perfect’ outdoor weather is. Such a concept is very subjective as couples have their own standards and desires for their wedding celebration. Some may prefer the warmer, tropical vibe of a summer or spring wedding, while others would be after the colder autumn and winter seasons.

It’s best to settle this early on in your planning stage. Deciding on what your ideal weather is would help set all your plans into motion. It’s also the starting point of all decisions you have to make to ensure any extremes of the weather you’re aiming for are met with ample preparation.

  1. Choose A Catering Company With Expertise On Outdoor Weddings

Choosing a catering company is also one of the major decisions you’d have to make regarding your wedding. After all, the wrong choice could make or break your special occasion. To ensure top-notch service, catering companies will need to have the right tools and gear to keep the food fresh. They should be able to provide the best seating arrangements, too.

It’s therefore important to select a catering company with expertise in outdoor weddings. It’s one thing to cater an event with all the comforts of an indoor setting, and it’s another story to be doing so outdoors. Ask your chosen caterer if they’ve done outdoor weddings in the past so you’re assured they can continue to give good service despite your chosen setup.

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  1. Develop A Backup Plan

You could never predict the harsh elements the weather may bring, but you can always prepare for it. And a part of ensuring your day goes perfectly as intended is to develop a backup plan. This means should the weather go bad within the day, your coordinator and their team should be able to make changes fast to combat that sudden change in weather.

For example, you’re having a garden wedding and a garden reception, but there’s a barn right on the property. Part of your backup plan should be keeping that barn clean, ready, and open so your coordinator’s team can move the reception setup fast if the rain comes an easy backup plan is also to have clean tents that are also well-kept and designed.

  1. Protect Your Guests From Pests

This fourth tip is often one of the most overlooked parts of planning an outdoor wedding. Remember, it’s not just going to be you and your future spouse on your wedding day. A part of making the day perfect is having the presence of your family and friends to celebrate together with you.

It doesn’t hurt to go the extra mile by ensuring your guests are also protected from pests, especially mosquitoes. Talk about this with your coordinator as they can have the option of setting up citronella candles around the perimeter.

There are plants, too, which would look great as part of your decoration, that could deter bugs. These include lavender, peppermint, and marigolds.


When it comes to planning an outdoor wedding, your biggest enemy is the weather. This is why you have to plan hard enough for it to ensure your outdoor wedding turns out perfectly on your big day. Even if the weather may suddenly change, you won’t be bothered by any inconvenience it brings when you’re prepared. Most importantly, you don’t have to do all the planning on your own. If you need to work with a wedding planner, then do so. With as much help as you can get, you can turn your outdoor wedding dreams into a reality.

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