5 Signs You Need Garage Door Repair

Did you know that a garage door replacement has a 97.5% return on investment when selling your home?

Whether you’re planning on selling your home or not, you want a garage that is in tiptop shape to keep your belongings safe and secure.

Has your garage door been experiencing issues? Keep reading for five signs that it may be time to call a garage door repair service.

1. Loud Noise

Does your garage door make a loud, screeching sound when you open or close it? Possible reasons could be that the rollers need lubrication or that there are issues with the springs.

2. Door Won’t Close or Open

A frustrating scenario: you press the garage door button, but nothing happens. Your garage door refuses to open, and your car is stuck inside the garage. Or, you’re trying to go home, and you end up having to park outside.

Another issue is that the garage door opens or closes only part of the way.

Whatever the case, a malfunctioning door is a nuisance and a security issue if you can’t get the door to close all the way. You’ll want to get this problem serviced by a professional right away. You may check out better built company as they specialize in the installation of new garage doors in all types of homes.

3. Door Shakes

Another sign that your garage door is malfunctioning is if it shakes when it opens or closes.

A shaky door could be due to a number of issues such as worn-out rollers or a loose screw. What you don’t want to do is ignore the issue because it will get worse over time.

4. Dents or Broken Parts

If your garage door has any dents or broken panels, it could be time for a repair or a replacement. Unsightly dents can affect the curb appeal of your home.

Another warning sign that you need garage repair is if you notice any screws, rollers, or other components that are worn out or broken.

5. Delay in Opening or Closing

When you enter or exit the garage, do you notice a delay in the time it takes to open or close the door? This may at first seem like a minor inconvenience, but it could also signal an issue with your garage door.

A delay in opening or closing the door could be an electrical issue or a problem with one of the garage door parts. However, the best way to find out is to call professional garage door repair services.

Garage door repair is not something you should do yourself. Garage doors are heavy and have a lot of different moving components that can be dangerous if they suddenly fail. So garage door maintenance needs to be done.

Is It Time for Garage Door Repair?

Has your garage door reached the end of its service life? If you are experiencing one or more of the issues above, you can have a professional technician inspect your garage door. A professional can help you determine whether you need a garage door repair or a replacement.

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