5 Signs Your Home Exterior Needs New Paint

Many people don’t think too much about painting the exterior of their home. However, professionals will tell you that you need to consider repainting every 4 to 6 years to keep things looking fresh.

Other than thinking about how long it’s been since you painted, there are a few signs that you can look out for. Read on to find out what signs will appear when it’s time to paint your home exterior!

  1. You’re About To Sell

First impressions are super important when you are trying to sell your home. That means it needs to catch people’s eye when they are looking online and when they decide to make that first drive-by.

Since many people will see your home from the outside before the inside, it’s a good time to give your home a fresh coat of paint. This keeps things looking tidy and new. When you’re thinking about home improvements that make a difference to buyers, this is a big one.

A professional like Select Painting Company can help you pick the right color to match what is popular. Don’t pick your favorite color, instead, look at what potential buyers will like.

  1. Damaged Paint

Bubbling paint or peeling paint is a sign of wear that means you need to paint your home. If you leave these problems then it can lead to further damage to the structure of your home. When damaged paint appears, nip it in the bud before you have to deal with dry rot and mold.

  1. Fading Paint

The exterior of your home sits in the sunlight all day long, being exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This can cause fading which looks tired and dull. Dark paint colors are more likely to experience this. Next time you paint your home you might choose a lighter color to avoid this in the future.

  1. Increase Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is an important aspect not only when you’re selling your home. You also want to enjoy where you live. This home project is a good way to impress the neighborhood and make your place more dreamy.

Trends in paint colors for home exteriors have changed a lot over recent decades. Be sure to make a smart decision when it comes to choosing the color.

  1. Gaps in Siding

Any gaps or shrinkage that you notice in your siding can be a cause for concern. This means that moisture has probably worked its way into your home’s structure. This can lead to more damage if you don’t get it assessed by a professional. Before putting a new coat of paint on it, be sure that you know that any damage has been taken care of.

Time To Paint Your Home Exterior

All of these signs are reason enough to invest in a great paint job. Paint actually helps protect your home exterior and prevent further damage. Therefore, it’s time to hire those painters and enjoy a nice-looking home with peace of mind.

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