5 Things to Look for When Choosing a New Garage Door

Has your garage door seen better days?

Buying a new garage door can be an expensive investment. Yet, according to the latest cost-vs-value report it does deliver a hefty ROI if you decide to sell your house.

Here’s how to choose a garage door that’s a good fit for your budget and your home.

  1. Types of Garage Doors

The type of garage door you choose can make or break the curb appeal of your home. Be sure to choose one that complements the style of your home.

Raised panel garage doors offer a traditional look, while carriage doors have a rustic appeal that can also suit modern dwellings.

A combination of metal and glass looks great when juxtaposed against a contemporary home.

Apart from the style of door you choose, the material it’s made from also has a huge effect on your home’s roadside appearance.

  1. New Garage Door Materials

Nowadays you can choose from a host of modern customizable materials as well as more traditional ones for your garage door.

Wood has a classic appeal and works well with custom designs but it’s costly to install and maintain. Aluminum doors suit humid environments and composite doors offer durability and low-maintenance appeal for homeowners.

Steel’s a top choice for garage doors and available in a vast range of colors and designs.

  1. Choosing a Garage Door Opener 

There are two main types of garage door openers to choose from, namely chain drive or belt drive.

Chain drive garage doors are inexpensive and noisy, while belt drive ensure lower maintenance issues thanks to their lack of moving parts.

Other considerations for garage door openers include remote controls, motion-detection activation, and manual release. Your choice depends on how much convenience and safety you want from your garage door.

  1. Weather Conditions

While nobody can predict what the weather will do from one moment to the next, you can protect your home and assets by installing doors that suit your local climate.

For instance, in areas like Florida, where extreme weather events do occur, a wind load garage door’s a good choice. These doors can withstand high wind speeds and are impact resistant.

  1. Consider Insulation 

You wouldn’t think that your garage door has a role to play in cutting down your electricity bills. Yet, if your garage opens into your home it can release a blast of cold or hot air into your home’s interior every time you open it.

An insulated garage door helps keep the temperature on an even keel and can contribute to lower bills and eco-friendly initiatives.

They also help limit condensation and can prevent mold growing in your garage. 

More Home Upgrades That Pay Off

Are you looking for more ways to boost your home’s curb appeal, comfort, or saleability? Choosing a new garage door is a step in the right direction, but there’s plenty more you can do. 

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