5 Useful Tips When Purchasing An Emergency Generator

Generators are incredibly useful pieces of equipment to have during a power outage. In this article we will be exploring a few guidelines that you can take into account when you buy an emergency generator.

Connecting A Generator To Your Home, But Keeping It Away From The House

Even though a generator comes in handy during a blackout, it can be toxic and make you black out or in sever cases, die due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Similar to other internal combustion engines, carbon monoxide gas is emitting from a generator engine. This gas can result in a headache, knocking you out or cause fatalities. This is easily prevented by running the generator on your porch or in the garage and keeping it at least ten feet away from your home.

Purchasing A Standby Generator If You Have The Funds

Unlike portable generators, a standby generator is connected as a permanent fixture to your home’s electrical system and kicks in automatically as soon as the power goes off. Standby generators are capable of running on natural or propane gas, taking away the need for monitoring the fuel, plus they are a lot quieter. You can purchase a large one from Performance based heating and air that is large enough to power everything in your home, or you can opt for a smaller model and only select the most essential circuits to power. Standby generators begin at about $1800 plus installation by a professional.

Propane Is More Straightforward Than Gas

When you compare portable generators and their ease to use, LP (liquid propane) trumps gasoline. Gasoline may be a useful fuel;however, it does not come without issues. Storing sufficient gasoline to last through a few blackouts necessitates continuous vigilance. First you have to purchase containers and then it must be stored in a safe place. Then stabilizer must be added, and the gas replaced ideally after a few months to ensure it is still fresh once you require it. Portable propane-powered generators do not have all these issues. Liquid propane does not go bad;therefore, you can store it indefinitely. Refueling is safe and straightforward. All that is needed is replacing the propane tank with a full tank.

Purchasing A Generator That Can Be Serviced Locally

You might find a highly cost-effective generator deal online, however; it will not serve you any purpose if it cannot be serviced locally. It is sometimes better to spend a little bit more and purchase from a local dealer. Parts are easily obtainable, and the dealer can repair and maintain the generator when you run into problems.

Buying Gas Cans, The Same Time You Purchase A Generator

Five gallons of gasoline can power your 5500-watt generator for about eight hours; therefore, gas management is crucial if you wish to have power for a prolonged power outage. This might mean you have to run the generator for briefer periods and coasting on matters like refrigeration. If you have a few five-gallon gasoline containers available it can be highly convenient, however you will have to add stabilizer to prolong the shelf life. Besides that, after six months you must use it in your car’s gas tank or discard it and replace it with fresh fuel. The generator must be run dry when stored or you have to fill it with stabilized fuel. This fuel must also be substituted every six months.