7 Best Platforms to Learn STEM Subjects Online

Where is your child getting their education?

The recent pandemic pushed many physical schools to close. Many schools moved to online platforms to continue teaching their children. Some schools began reopening in recent months.

However, if you want to keep your child safe, there are other alternatives. In this article, we give you seven of the best platforms to learn STEM subjects. Read on to find out more!

1. Code

Code is a non-profit organization. They focus on minorities and women. This is a great website for kids of all ages to learn to code.

Companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft support this website. They allow Code to support free and open-source learning. They offer resources for teachers and provide a great platform for adults to learn how to code.

2. National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids is a great website with visual impacts. Photography, cinematography, and storytelling are great at inspiring children. This site focuses on animals, their appearance, behaviors, and more.

This site also offers interactive quizzes and games. These can teach your child about planet systems, geology, coding, and even travel!

3. NASA Space Place

NASA Space Place is a great website for kids who want to explore space. The site includes categories like the Solar System, Universe, Earth, and Sun. In each category, you can find games, articles, and other fun activities.

NASA Space Place offers an easy interface for children. You can open any of the categories with a single click. Make sure you have Flash installed on your computer to access the games.

4. STEM Works Activities

STEM Works Activities is a great platform for people of all ages. Parents, kids, teachers, and volunteers can find online resources here. This site focuses on topics like extreme weather, medicine, robotics, space, and more!

STEM Works was once a blog that developed into a large community over time. It is a great source of information for anyone who wants to learn STEM.

5. Exploratorium

Exploratorium started as a hands-on museum. Over the years, they developed a website full of articles, activities, and videos. It’s a great site for kids, teens, and adults to learn science online.

This site has information gathered by artists and scientists from across the globe. If it’s your first time on this site, select Explore to start browsing topics.

6. How Stuff Works

How Stuff Works is great for users from Middle School age and above. You can also use this site for family discussions. This site focuses on adults, but provide an Explore section for kids.

Want to learn STEM subjects but are unfamiliar with some topics? Use Edbee to help with your online courses.

7. Funology

Funology is a great source of information for children who want to try out fun experiments. You may find categories like Science, Magic, Jokes, and more. Some sub-categories include seasonal crafts.

Use These Platforms to Learn STEM Subjects Online Today

You and your kids need not worry about STEM education with the help of these platforms. Know which ones work best for you and your family and learn STEM online today!

Do you want to learn more about STEM and other related courses? There is more for you to discover online if you know where to look. Check out more of our guides and blogs on our website.

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