7 Fascinating Facts About Airplane Hangars

Did you know there are around 9,723 planes in the air at any given moment?

All those aircraft can’t stay up there flying forever though, right? When they’re not in the air, chances are they’re safely stored inside an airplane hangar.

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to land or you’re just an airplane enthusiast, here are seven facts you may not know about airplane hangars.

  1. Steel Airplane Hangars

There are many benefits of using steel for your metal airplane hangar.

Quality steel is low maintenance as it uses special coatings to protect the surface. If you’ve invested in a decent steel airplane hangar, you won’t have to repaint it for many years.

It also goes up pretty quick! You can erect a steel structure in just one or two days, depending on the size of your hangar.

  1. Louis Bleriot

Louis Bleriot was a French aviator, born is 1872. He was also an inventor and engineer.

In 1909 he crash-landed on a farm in 1909 whilst attempting the first flight of a heavy aircraft across the channel. He rolled his plane into a steel cattle pen on the farm, accidentally creating the first airplane hangar!

He decided it was such a good idea that he consequently ordered 3 more from the cattle pen manufacturer.

  1. Multiple Uses

Airplane hangars can easily be repurposed as warehouses or stores. With a small amount of modification, an airplane hangar can be used as any kind of commercial building.

In fact, Costco originated in 1976, using six old airplane hangars.

  1. Temperature Control

If you do need a change of use from your airplane hangar, it can be insulated with steel panels. Integrating temperature control technology gives you many possibilities for using the interior space.

Products and people can be kept at the right temperatures for food storage or workspaces.

  1. Prefabricated Options

Even if you opt for a prefabricated hangar, you still have options to customize it. You can specify the size and shape of the airplane hangar. You can also pick accessories and features specific to your needs.

Global Steel Buildings metal airplane hangars have color options, a service life of around 40 years, and are even made from recycled materials.

  1. A Life at Sea

Aircraft hangars aren’t just for dry land. Many large ships that carry airplanes will have a hangar on board to store airplanes.

They are also used to maintain the aircraft. Some even have hangars under the flight deck with elevators to lift the aircraft to the surface. How cool is that?

  1. Hangar Theme Park

Carl von Gablenz was a German businessman. He created a $110 million metal hangar in the early 1990s. When he got into debt, the hangar measuring over 1000 feet long by almost 700 feet wide was sold.

A German court sold it to a Malaysian company called Tanjung. They created a theme park out of the giant hangar at an abandoned soviet airfield 40 miles south of Berlin.

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