7 Signs you Need a Bad Faith Insurance Attorney

Few things can be more off-putting than an insurance company that can’t be counted on. Think about it.

An insurance company typically comes into play when you’re having a terrible day. You were in a car wreck. Your house flooded. A loved one passed away.

Having an insurance company balk in the performance of their duty can be a hard thing to work through while you’re having to deal with this situation. Consequently, you may need to hire a bad faith insurance attorney.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at a few common indicators that you should start seeking legal help to deal with your insurance company.

  1. No Cause on Claim Denial

The first and most common indicator of an insurance company acting in bad faith is failing to give you a valid reason why your claim was denied. 

Every insurance company, even f they do deny your claim for compensation, is still required to give you a reason for denial. If they can’t give you a valid reason, then chances are that there is something shady going on.

  1. Unsatisfactory Claim Settlement Amount

Did you wreck a car worth $10,000, but your insurance will only pay out $5,000 or less?

This is one of the many ways that an insurance company can demonstrate bad faith by paying out an unsatisfactory settlement amount on the claim. Fight this by hiring an attorney to negotiate you the compensation you legally deserve.

  1. Delayed Processing

An extended processing time on a claim can result in significant delays for your personal affairs. An insurance company that isn’t processing claims fast enough may be liable for legal damages.

  1. Delayed Payment

Has the insurance company settled the claim in your favor, but still hasn’t paid out the money that you are due? If so, you should leverage a bad faith insurance lawyer in order to get them to cough up damages for making you wait.

  1. Not Providing Documentation

When the company can’t provide documentation of what led them to the decision on your claim, that’s a surefire indicator of bad faith practices. If they don’t give you the documents you request, walk into a lawyers office.

  1. No Thorough Claim Investigation

Every claim should be investigated thoroughly from top to bottom to decide its merit. If your claim isn’t getting that same treatment, call in these attorneys.

  1. Unreasonable Documentation Demands

Last but not least, insurance companies will often ask you for supplementary documentation to prove your situation before they pay out a claim. Think, for instance, a picture of your car after it is in a wreck.

However, what they won’t do is be unreasonable with these documentation demands. If they’re asking for things that the average person would not have access to, that’s a good indicator that they’re just trying to find a reason to not vote on your claim.

Hire a Bad Faith Insurance Attorney Today

There you have it. Now that you know when to hire a bad faith insurance attorney, you can protect yourself from negative results whenever you work with this type of company.

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