A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Saddle for Your Horse

While western trail saddles are the most common saddles available in the market, you can also explore several other types. For example, Australian saddles are available with and without horns.

Regardless of which saddle type you choose, it’s vital to pay attention to the quality and fit of the saddle. Your riding ability and expertise level are other things you should take into consideration. Your riding style and preferred material choice are other vital aspects to consider. The key point is buying a saddle that will last and provide lasting comfort for years.

Horses could panic or get aggravated if the fit or feel of the saddle is wrong. This article discusses the top tips on saddle sizing to help you choose the perfect saddle.

Understand Saddle Fitting Requirements

It could feel highly uncomfortable to sit on a saddle that is too small. If the saddle is too big, you may find yourself siding or moving too much. Today, you can even buy saddles with interchangeable gullets and other adjustable features. Measure your horse thoroughly before setting out to buy a saddle.

One of thetop tips on saddle sizing is that there should be around four inches between the swell of the saddle and your body. Otherwise, the saddle may be too large or too small. However, if you choose western saddles, the focus is on how the saddle fits you and not how the saddle fits the horse.

Ensure that you do not feel pressed against the back of the cantle. These western saddles come in stated sizes. However, the only way you can know for sure is by trying the saddle first. Visit ps of sweden to get best saddle in Sweden.

Check the Seat Size

You will have a hard time riding if the seat size is not comfortable, no matter how good the quality of the material and durability of the saddle is. Seek professional help from your coach or trainer when checking the saddle seat. The size variations usually happen in half-inch increments.

The right size will also vary based on your age, height, and weight. Youth saddle seat sizes are usually around 13 inches, and average adult seats are about 15 inches. The seat depth and slope are other critical points you should consider.

Check the Cantle and Fork Style

Cantles can be straight, high, or have slopes. There is no one right cantle type you can choose. Instead, try out all these variations and see what works best for you as a rider. Forks also come in different styles.

Your horse’s physical condition and age also needs to be considered. It is also vital to evaluate the size of the saddle at least once a year since they tend to deviate if your horse’s body changes.

Check if Your Horse Has Enough Room to Move

Your horse’s withers and shoulders should have enough room to move. Slide your hand between the withers and the saddle to check if the saddle offers enough space. Also, check the clearance on the sides of the saddle.

Final Thoughts

If the saddle size is incorrect, the entire riding experience could become very uncomfortable for you and your horse. The saddle material, quality, cushioning, and comfort are essential points to consider while starting with the horse riding experience.

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