A Guide to the Different Photo Print Sizes

Whether you take pictures at every event or have a few snapshots, you like to keep them. Having a place to store those photos can take time and effort. No one wants to feel like their memories are trapped in an album or somewhere on the stack of papers they keep.

Whether you print your photos in a professional setting or at home, suitable photo print sizes are a standard option for any image. It allows for easy archiving, enables others to see your photos, and gives you more options for displaying a memory.

Suppose you are new to the world of printing photos. You may only know some of the different photo print sizes you need to choose from.

4×6 inch

When it comes to photography, choosing the correct print size is essential in preparing the finished product. Photo print sizes are measured in inches, and four by six is one of the more common photo sizes. Four-by-six prints typically look best when framed, as they are easy to hang and will not take up too much space.

Panoramic images, portraits, and small group shots are the ideal subjects for 4×6 prints. When ordering 4×6 prints, check the dpi (dots per inch) resolution of your image to ensure the best quality image. Generally, a resolution of at least 300 dpi is recommended.

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5×7 inch

Regarding photo prints, five by seven is one of the most popular sizes due to its versatility and is an excellent choice for all types of uses, from frames to albums. Its size gives the perfect balance of keeping the details of an image sharp while still allowing the photo to feel up close and personal.

It can also quickly accommodate two people or a group of friends in a photo, making it a perfect size for family photos. The five-by-seven format offers plenty of space for text or for the picture to be cropped and zoomed in without looking cramped.

8×10 inch

A standard 8 x 10-inch paper can typically accommodate an 8 x 12-inch print with small borders. You can use clipping masks to adjust the photo’s size, orientation, and other aspects to fit the 8 x 12 print. With the right software, even inexperienced photo printers can quickly and easily view these 8 x 12 prints for more.

These prints are ideal for larger frames and photo collages, and they are also a great size for displaying family portraits, landscapes, and a variety of other subjects. Generally speaking, 8×10 prints are easy to find, cost-effective, and can efficiently serve as a signature piece at the heart of a gallery wall.

11×14 inch

Eleven by fourteen is a famous photograph print size, great for framing and displaying on walls or tables. This size is often used for close-up portrait shots due to the amount of detail you can capture in the large format.

When using this size, consider adding a white border or matting around the photograph to add dimension and texture. Many stores like Costco offer eleven-by-fourteen measures to help you when ordering larger prints.

Finding the Best Deals on Photo Print Sizes

Photo print sizes give us the freedom to be creative. You can customize the look of your printed photos from small wallet-size prints to large poster-size canvases. With the right choice of size, your photos will come alive in any space!

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