Are Anti-Cellulite Leggings Effective? How to Get Rid Of Cellulite? (The Best Tips)

One of the things women try to hide their cellulite is anti-cellulite leggings. But do they actually work? The answer is both yes and no. Yes, they do hide your cellulite as they offer compression. And no, they do not remove or cure cellulite. 

The “micro-massage” texture of anti-cellulite leggings pushes your skin until it looks and feels even. So it will reduce the appearance of cellulite, from the outside, as you wear them. 

If you buy high-waist anti-cellulite leggings, you can even hide cellulite around your tummy. It’s slimming, minimizing, and anti-cellulite. 

It’s a common misconception that anti-cellulite leggings can cure cellulite. Women wear anti-cellulite leggings all day every day in the hopes that soon enough the cellulite will disappear! That’s not true.

What Is Cellulite?

Cellulite is fatty deposits that increase in size to store fats. As every individual cell increases in size, it pushes up toward the skin layer. This is what causes a dimple on the skin, known as cellulite.

As you age or gain weight, you do not increase the number of fat cells in your body. Science suggests that stays the same. What does change is the size of those fat cells. 

Having said that, here’s what you need to know.

What does actually help in treating (not erasing cellulite) is these 4 things. And yes, one of them does include wearing proper compression (anti-cellulite) leggings.

How to Get Rid of Cellulite

1. Exercise

You cannot exercise your cellulite away. But you can tighten your skin muscles by toning your thighs and glutes. If done regularly and correctly, it can reduce cellulite around that area. Or prevent the existing cellulite from worsening. 

One thing that proves effective at burning fat in the body is cardiovascular exercise. Getting your heart rate up means you’re burning the stored fat in the body. And tightening your body muscles and skin.

Aside from running, swimming, cycling, and cross-training. If you have a lot of cellulite around your glutes and thighs, here’s what you can do at home.

  • All types of lunges (reverse, curtsy, lateral)
  • Glute bridges
  • Split squats
  • Squat jumps

2. Diet

There is no secret recipe for getting rid of cellulite. But calorie intake is very important. How many calories do you consume in a day? And how many calories do you burn in a day?

If you want to lose weight, burn fat, and tighten your skin muscles. You need to calculate your calorie intake against your burnt calories. The best way to lose weight is to practice calorie deficiency. If you burn more than you consume – even if that’s 500 or so calories per day. You can burn fat faster and healthily.

Hydration is another important factor of consideration. Being well-hydrated means drinking 6-8 glasses of water per day. 

3. Anti-Cellulite Leggings

The best time to wear anti-cellulite leggings is during a workout. The best anti-cellulite workout blends cardio with strength. If you combine anti-cellulite workouts with cardio and yoga. You can yield better results wearing compression leggings. 

Compressing (anti-cellulite) leggings massage your thighs and butt. They also offer tummy control which helps shape and flatten your tummy. While also making your skin sweat out all the toxins as you work out. 

This is an important factor to consider when wearing anti-cellulite leggings. They only work to reduce the appearance of cellulite on your body. And you can wear them anywhere you want. Including the gym, for yoga, and other activities. 

4. Skin Care

This thing is a must in every individual, whether man or woman, is a skincare regime. Sunscreen is a must to protect your skin from UV rays. It causes premature aging and wrinkles which can also increase the signs of cellulite on your body.

Self-tanning using a self-tanner can also reduce the appearance of cellulite. By making your skin tone darker, it deepens and blends the shadows that cellulite creates on your body.

Look for safe and conscious skincare products for healthy skin. If you use too many harsh chemicals and artificial fragrance on your skin. It can cause dryness, dark spots, and rashes. This will only worsen the appearance of cellulite on your body. 

Final Thoughts

What do you do to keep your skin healthy and cellulite-free? Not that anti-cellulite leggings will erase cellulite for good and forever. But combined with proper diet and exercise, they can improve the way your skin’s texture looks and feels.

Cellulite is more than just a skin condition. It’s something you have to live with happily. This doesn’t mean hoping for the cellulite to go away once you wear the best anti-cellulite leggings. Just stay on the right track toward fitness and health. And you’ll see results that you’ve always been hoping for.

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