Arm Yourself: 6 Self Defense Weapons for Women

Assault, rape, stalking, and trafficking are everyday concerns for women. So what can you do to keep yourself safe and prepared for a potential attack? 

While taking self-defense classes is a good idea, you can also carry a multitude of different weapons on your person. Because when it comes to personal safety, you always want to be over-prepared. You never know when danger is just around the corner. 

Keep reading to learn 6 of the best self-defense weapons for women.

  1. Pepper Spray  

Pepper spray can be carried on a keychain or kept in a bag. It’s classified as an inflammatory agent and will allow you a quick getaway from an attacker. 

When sprayed for at least 1 second on someone’s face, it causes a burning sensation in the eyes, coughing, nausea, and temporary blindness. 

  1. Kubotan 

A kubotan is a weapon that goes on your keychain and is about 5.5 inches long. It should be heavy enough to aid you in an attack, but not so heavy that it’s a burden to carry around. It can be held like a knife and struck on an attacker’s boney areas, pressure points, or soft tissues.

This weapon is used to injure an assailant rather than create a lethal wound. 

  1. Personal Alarm  

Personal alarms are inexpensive and can go right on your keychain. Some of these alarms can be over 100 decibels, which will alert everyone around that you’re in danger. 

And while this may seem less effective than some of the other weapons, it can be a good way to scare off an attacker without using physical force. 

  1. Defense Ring 

A self-defense ring may look like everyday jewelry, but it can do some real damage to an assailant. It’s also easily accessible if your attacker grabs you and you can’t get to another weapon in time. 

Some defense rings have a sharp edge to the design while others screw off to reveal a small blade.  

  1. Stun Gun 

This weapon works by delivering high-voltage electricity straight into an attacker’s nervous system. And while a stun gun isn’t lethal, it will disable your assailant at close range. 

These are often packaged as lipstick tubes so it’s easier to carry around and less suspicious to a potential attacker.  

  1. Automatic Knife

A switchblade is the best self-defense knife because it can sit in your purse until you need it. Then with just the press of a button, you can quickly stab your assailant.

And while this weapon can be used to injure someone, it can also be lethal. For this reason, check out these safety tips for optimal switchblade usage.   

Now You Know 6 Self Defense Weapons for Women 

Now that you’re familiar with these self-defense weapons for women, make sure you have them on your person. And while it may feel overly cautious to carry some of these items, it’s not. They could one day save your life or someone else’s. 

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