Be the Envy of the Neighborhood: Inspiring Exterior House Paint Ideas

The home painting industry’s worth $18 billion for good reason. A home’s exterior reflects its interior. The right paint color can make or break a home’s first impression.

When it comes to exterior house paint ideas, people are more creative today than ever. No more limiting yourself to one color. Consider how complementary or contrasting colors could change your whole-home experience.

While the right paint colors are important, they’re also subjective. It’s about finding what resonates with you and your home.

You’re in the right place for exterior paint ideas. Here’s how to stand out among traditional colored homes near you.

Inspired Exterior House Paint Ideas

Colors prompt emotional states. For example, yellows emit happiness whereas reds evoke passion.

Color theory and color psychology prove the importance of colors. Colors not only impact emotions, but they hold important symbolism.

If you’re tired of seeing basic neighborhood neutral tones, consider these exterior house paint ideas.

1. Pick a Color Palette

Unlike painting your indoor rooms one color, homes are bigger projects. That gives you the freedom to experiment and play with several colors.

Color palettes can be complementary or contrasting. Do you want something artistic and bold, or chic and classy?

Common color palettes may include:

  • White, black, and red
  • Yellow, white, and black
  • Gray, white, and dove

If you want a funkier, bolder color scheme, try:

  • Ocean blue, white, and red
  • Light purple, dark purple, and white
  • Light green, dark blue, and white

You can start with one color and use different shades as accents, or you can find different colors that work together. If you want bold accents but don’t trust your artistic skill, residential painters are the way to go.

2. Decide What’s Dominant

Exterior paint color ideas depend on what you make dominant. Homes have different places for color, including the:

  • Main panels
  • Siding
  • Trim
  • Exterior door

No one wants a monotone house. Nothing says welcome home better than a lime door! Consider which parts of the home you want to accent.

3. Use the Home’s Structure

The home itself plays a part in exterior house paint color ideas. Exterior brick paint ideas differ from those with vinyl siding panels. Why?

Colors work with the home’s material. White brick’s enchanting alongside natural green vines and a big brown door. An indistinguishable suburban white vinyl—however—can seem boring.

Work with what you have to achieve an intuitive look.

4. Consider Your Geography

Your neighbor’s home exterior paint ideas aren’t the only thing influencing you. Believe it or not, your region can impact your color choices. How?

Climate and location’s everything. Ask yourself:

  • Do you live near water or mountains?
  • Do you live in the city or near farmland?
  • How does your community feel?
  • What experience does your home provide?

These answers can inform your ultimate decision. What colors will create your desired home experience?

As Without, So Within

If your home exterior’s worn or muted, fresh exterior house paint ideas can enliven it! There’s no need to come home feeling bored, annoyed, or even neutral about your exterior home color.

Consider how a pick-me-up paint job could put new pep in your step! Come home to a house you’re proud of. For more on how home improvement can foster happiness, check out our latest blog posts!

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