Best Apps for College Students

Smartphones aren’t just for entertainment anymore. They’re a need and an aid. Students can turn a phone into an organizer, an alarm clock, and even their tutor by downloading the right applications. It’s true! So, let’s delve a little deeper and talk about six of the most exciting and useful apps that college students must get.

Best Apps for College Students

The following is a list of the five incredible applications. Each one has a unique purpose, so you can pick and choose the ones you need!

1. Quizlet

Quizlet is a flashcard application. There is no denying how useful the flashcard technique is when it comes to memorizing facts and figures. Teachers and education experts around the world always favor it and recommend it to students. This app enables the students to create their personalized decks of flashcards. They can share it with their friends, save it for revision later, and overall increase the fun of effective memorization.

2. Google Calendar

If you often forget appointments, submission dates, and events, get yourself a calendar that speaks. Google Calendar is a personal assistant that reminds you of everything you’re supposed to do. Just schedule it into the calendar, and it’ll remind you when it’s time. It’s easy to navigate and simple to use. Plus, it’s easy on the eyes with fun colors and clear fonts.

3. Google Drive 

Google Drive is a classic. It gives you storage and easy access from multiple devices. You can log in from anywhere and save your work both online and offline. The best part is that you can share a document.

That’s right! You and your partner can work on the same document by accessing it through individual accounts. You can restrict access to particular people or have it open for everyone.

Plus, you’ve got formats, fonts, colors, and everything else you need to write a paper and submit it directly through the app. You can share it to various platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook in different forms which includes Word and PDF. The opportunities are endless with this fantastic application.

3. Blackboard App

This one is a very popular and trending learning management system. Colleges around the United States not just favor it but also use and recommend it. Students can easily access their coursework for an online class or an in-person class with virtual elements through the Blackboard App. It allows them to access their course content, view their grades, check test schedules, and do so much more.

4. Mendeley

This one is a PDF reader and a reference manager. Mendeley features annotations, highlighting, and generation of citations and references. Plus, you can sync work between various devices, so there’s easy access and no hassle whatsoever. You also have an extensive online library to search through for anything you need. If research is a constant struggle for you, this is the application you need.

5. Duolingo

Last but definitely not least, if you struggle with learning a language, this application is what you need! Duolingo is supposedly the world’s best language learning platform. It features fun and useful lessons in more than 35 languages and has components for vocabulary, grammar, writing, and reading, listening, and speaking. This way, it covers all aspects of your language-learning process and makes you a pro!


So, you see, applications are no longer just fun and games. They’re much more now! Screen time can be beneficial and useful if used properly. Students can solve their academic problems by taking help from such apps, and not all of them require a financial investment or lots of storage space. There are also financial apps like that offer study loans and credit card for international students as well as apps that help you manage and save money as a student.

Download useful, practical apps to make sure you’re using technology for the better. Also, keep in mind that you will need access to the internet to make these apps work. So, it will be a good idea to subscribe to a reliable ISP. I personally after checking the Spectrum offers, opted for their internet service and it works fine for me. You can do the same to make use of the applications seamlessly.


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