Best Suburbs in New York City to Move to in 2023

a woman moving to one of the best suburbs in New York City in 2023When it comes to living on the East Coast – NYC is surely the star of the show. The city that never sleeps is always evolving, changing, and developing according to the people becoming its residents, and that’s why choosing the best place to live will depend on a couple of factors. These would include current economical and social situation, prices and demand in the real estate world, and most importantly – your own preferences and needs. When choosing the best place to live, don’t rely on external factors only. A place that’s perfect in theory might not suit your family’s lifestyle and needs. That’s why you should set your priorities first and then start browsing. And if there’s an upcoming NYC move on your way, this guide will help you choose – here are the best suburbs in New York City to move to in 2023.

Living in the suburbs – why you should do it?

Like any other location, living in the suburbs has its pros and cons. However, there are people and families that find living a bit away from the city more convenient. Firstly, if you’re working from home, you don’t need to worry about long commutes. On the contrary, you’ll have more free time, and you can visit any place in the city whenever you want. Living in the suburbs ensures a more peaceful, safer lifestyle and a less noisy environment – perfect for families with kids, but also individuals who don’t find the city’s hectic streets that amusing.

Where to live in NYC in 2023 – best suburbs to consider this year

New York is huge, which sometimes can make it challenging to pick the right place to live. If you’re opting for a suburb, here are the best choices to consider.

Garden City

Located on Long Island, this lovely suburb is surely one of the best places to live in NYC. The suburban lifestyle and plenty of shopping, cultural, and sports activities make this place a favorite among families. Schools are excellent and there are many recreational options. This Nassau County location has a population of about 20,000 and it’s known for quiet, tree-lined streets and upscale dining spots. Living in City Garden means a high cost of living, though, which is why Eagle Van Lines suggest you try to save at the moving costs. Relocation fees vary over neighborhoods and companies, so it’s necessary to compare a couple of teams to get the best deal possible.


One more Nassau County gem with more residents – Syosset is quite a large suburb with a rather convenient location. You’ll need 45 mins to reach Manhattan, Brooklyn, and similar parts of the city, which is a perfect distance for a quality suburb like Syosset. There are different housing options of various price ranges and sizes, and the area boasts quality schools, but also restaurants, playgrounds, and shops so you don’t need to go to the city that often.


Located on the Hudson river, Hoboken gives its residents the chance to see some of the best views of New York. Even though this is often considered an expensive place to live, paying a higher price pays off. Living in Hoboken means access to quality jobs, vibrant nightlife, and a beautiful environment. The place has plenty of parks, and the NYC skyline is truly breathtaking.


This affluent suburb is located just 15 miles away from Manhattan a has a lot to offer. Bronxville is part of Westchester County, the place where most of the residents own homes and lives comfortably due to the increased median income in the area. Fun fact: Bronxville was home to many celebrities such as John F. Kennedy, Jack Paar, and others.


Another Hudson River gem, Yonkers belongs to the list of the best suburbs to move to in 2023 for many reasons. Known for green spaces, safety, and historical spots, Yonkers is a common choice for a family lifestyle. The place has a couple of distinct neighborhoods, so there are plenty of options whether you’re a family with multiple members, a young professional looking for a place to develop your career, or even a senior finding a peaceful place to spend your retirement days. However, you should know that cost of living is a bit higher than the average in New York state, as well as the national average. The high cost of living is justified by the high-quality lifestyle this place offers, so it’s not a waste of money after all. When it comes to the housing market, it’s considered quite competitive, even though it has been a buyers’ market in the past few years – its supply is a bit higher than the demand.

Moving to NYC suburbs – what’s to know

It takes some effort to organize a perfectly smooth suburb relocation. Even though you’re probably moving to a more peaceful part of the city, relocations can be quite hectic. Here are some tips on making it as stress-free as possible:

  • Give yourself plenty of time to organize and do everything – the moving process is made out of several tasks, so avoid doing them in a hurry.
  • Have an expert help you out – it’s best if you can enlist the help of specialists to help you relocate your items to the suburbs. Minimize the risk of damage and injury by letting local professionals do what they know best, as they have all the skills and tools needed. Locals know the area well, so you can expect efficient and safe transport of your household.
  • Organize your moving timeline, your boxes, and your thoughts – don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to moving. Label every box, write down every task, and make sure have a plan to do this without issues.
  • Declutter before you pack – you may be moving to a bigger home in the suburbs, yet moving is a perfect opportunity to revise your lifestyle and household items. Declutter and remove things that you don’t need or use anymore, so you’ll find it easier to unpack in the new home.

Finally, choose one of the best suburbs in New York City to move to in 2023 – the one that suits your lifestyle, and your work situation and has all the facilities your family needs. New York has a place for everyone, so finding the right one for you truly pays off.

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