Chef’s Kiss: 5 Essential Appliances for an Elevated Commercial Kitchen

For restauranteurs, the kitchen is the most fun part of the business to customize. There are thousands of tricks, tools, and tips on how to organize the perfect cooking space.

After all, food is the reason customers will visit your business. As such, the logistics and operations in the food preparation area are the most important.

No matter what cuisine you are cooking up, outfitting your commercial kitchen with the right gear is critical.

So, before you set up the kitchen, you need to know the best appliances. Read on to discover five essential appliances that will elevate your commercial kitchen.

1) Large Volume Fryer

If your restaurant is cooking french fries, yucca chips, or any other crispy treat, you must have a large volume fryer. A single basket fryer won’t have the capacity to churn out enough food at once.

Adding too much food to the fryer oil will cool it down and slow cooking times. Large volume fryers with a least a double well allow you to cook large amounts of food at one time. Furthermore, you can fry multiple orders at once and keep them separated.

This will be among the best additions to your commercial kitchen.

2) Exhaust Fans

To accompany the fryer, consider a commercial kitchen exhaust fan. Restaurants are full of grease, smoke, and pollutants. An exhaust system will circulate and clean the air in the kitchen.

Set up an exhaust system above the cooking surfaces to ensure a clean and safe work area for your cooks.

3) Turbo Chef

Have you ever heard the expression “the bigger the better”? Well, that could not be further from the truth when talking about a Turbo Chef. Though diminutive in size, this machine packs a punch.

Not quite an oven, not quite a microwave, the Turbo Chef in an innovative cooking machine. Otherwise known as a ventless rapid oven, this machine saves cooks countless hours.

The Turbo Chef uses top and bottom air circulation and microwaves to decrease cooking times by up to 80%.

4) Food Waste System

You’ll be surprised to know that many commercial kitchens do not have food waste systems. This is a mistake. A commercial garbage disposal will change the way you think about the dishes.

There are other appliances used for food waste as well. For example, the Drain Stainer is an electricity-free tool that works as an alternative to a commercial garbage disposal. This will catch any food waste from entering the pipes.

By adding either of these tools, you can forget any problems of floor drains clogging from food waste.

5) Reach-In Freezer

Many kitchens have a walk-in cooler installed. However, this still leaves frozen storage to deal with. A reach-in freezer will be one of the best additions to your space.

Most kitchens have a large amount of food that is ideal to freeze and store for periods of time. Reach-in freezers have swinging doors that are optimal for ease of access and taking inventory. The internal shelving makes storage and organization a breeze.

Furthermore, these freezers are made in any size. There is a model that is perfect for any kitchen.

Build Your Commercial Kitchen the Right Way

Now that you know some of the best commercial kitchen appliances, you are ready to set up the kitchen like a pro. Getting the right tools from the start will save you time and money in the long haul.

Remember, the kitchen is where all the restaurant magic happens. If you enjoyed this article, stick around the blog for more business tips.

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