College Students Can Use These Applications to Balance Their Health

It can be difficult to maintain good mental and physical health while attending college. There are many restrictions, such as the ever-growing number of schools, the reality of growing up and living away from home, and the need to be mindful of these. To make the most of college, it is important to take care of your mental and physical health. To free time from deadlines and get healthier, you can simply google “take my class for me’. Here are some mobile apps that will help you keep your college life balanced.

My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal is the perfect app for college students who want to maintain their physical health. Many people believe that the phrase “freshman fifteen” is a myth. However, it’s not. Many college students gain weight within the first week of their studies. This is due to factors such as cooking and eating too many take-outs. The app tracks what you eat and the calories, fat, sugar, salt, and carbs. The app also records how much or little you exercise.


It aids in meditation and can be used to maintain positive mental health when you feel stressed. You can choose from different types of meditation sessions. There are short sessions that last about 10 minutes and long sessions that can take up to an entire hour. The app is great for anyone who likes meditation and those looking to reduce stress.


The pacer app is another great way to track your physical health in college. The pacer app tracks how many steps you take each day and offers fun challenges that can spice up your workouts. It also provides support for the extended pacer community, providing customized fitness plans that can be tailored to your needs. This will help you maintain good physical health and make it more convenient.

What’s Up?

It offers a variety of therapy options to assist those suffering from anxiety, stress, or depression. The process is easy to follow. There are many practical ways to maintain healthy mental health. The app also offers a social platform that allows you to share your feelings with others and helps them feel better.

30-Day Fitness Challenge

Most people have participated in a 30-day challenge to get fit. We can also safely assume that very few people make it to the end of the 30-day challenge. If you are willing to give up a few minutes each day to get a workout in, this application will help you keep on track. You will notice a difference in 30 days if you commit to the routine daily.


It helps you get a good night’s sleep after a hard day. Calm is the best app that allows you to unwind and relax while you meditate. Calm offers many features including music, stories, breathing exercises, and meditation.


This app is a great way to track your running and cycling distance. This app will make you feel like a graceful Cinderella, and it is perfect for college students who want to maintain a healthy mental state while running or cycling. You can track your distance and speed while also keeping track of calories burned and how fast you travel. You can also participate in monthly challenges with other users.


These applications will make college life easier.

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