How to Connect Xbox Controller to PC

A console lover is by default a controller lover when it comes to gaming but when you are gaming on a PC, mouse could be a hassle for console gamer. Well, don’t worry we got you covered. There are many online shopping websites which provides controllers and receivers to connect your controller with a PC. Let’s figure out how Xbox controller can be connected to a computer. It’s quite easy and anyone can do it without any technical support. You don’t have to worry about wired or wireless controller they both work in the same way.

How to Connect Xbox Controller to PC

First things first:

Let’s Configure the Wireless Receiver

This section is for those who have a wireless controller. If you have a wired controller don’t worry, just skip to the software installation paragraph below. Let’s continue with the wireless controller configuration, connecting a wireless control is not simple as wired controller because you have to configure and install software. You will need a receiver which will act as a bridge between controller and PC. A receiver will cost you around $15 – $20, if you prefer the official version of the receiver it will cost you more, third party receivers also works very well you won’t face a problem.

Software Installation

To run your Xbox controller smoothly on a computer, you will have to download software from the Microsoft’s website or you can install it from a disc which you got with your receiver. For a CD, simply insert the CD and follow the installation steps you will get your software installed, after that you might be asked to restart your computer, which is fine. To download the software, visit Microsoft’s official website and navigate to “gaming drivers” tab where you will find the receiver’s software, it’s important to download the right version for your PC according to your operating system, there are options for Windows XP, 10 etc. Once you are done with downloading open the software and follow the steps.

Controller and PC sync

Again, if you have a wired controller you can plug and play whereas for  wireless controller you will need to connect your Xbox controller to a receiver, to do it properly let’s go through a few steps.

  1. Controller must be turned on by holding the Xbox Guide button situated at the center of the controller.
  2. Once the back light of the controller is on then it’s time to press the button of the receiver which is situated at the front side of the receiver.
  3. Once the receiver’s light starts to blink green, press the corresponding button on the controller.

After following these steps your controller and receiver must connect and sync with the PC. If not, you need to check your devices for any hardware issues.

Test your controller

To test the controller Follow these steps:

  • Go to start menu and run utility
  • Type joy.cpl in the field and enter OK
  • Select the connected controller and go to its properties
  • Press the controller’s button. Your controller light may start to flash. Don’t worry if all your buttons are working properly then you are good to go. But if you face any problem then troubleshoot through Xbox’s support website.

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