Decorating a Girls Bedroom? Here’s What to Do

Is your little angel now a big girl and you want to revamp her bedroom to reflect her age and needs? While you think she is grown up, she still has that little girl full of energy inside her. This little big girl is desirous of all the fun and frolic that she can have before taking the world head on to carve a niche for herself. You are at the right place if you find yourself bereft of ideas to design the bedroom of your young girl. We present in this article some wonderful ideas that are creative and yet playful to allow your darling daughter to feel cozy and happy in her private den.

 A Chance to Swing on Her Imagination

Does your angel love to read books? If yes, then how about putting in a rattan chair in the form of a swing hung from the ceiling close to her bed? She would love to spend time swinging on this chair while reading her books. Choose a color that matches the color palette of the bedroom and makes her feel soft and comfortable as she takes a much-deserved rest on fluffy pillows inside the swing.

Create an Interesting Artistic Wall Behind the Bed

Decorate the wall behind the bed with framed pictures tastefully and artistically. Choose images or paintings that reflect the nature of your little big girl and give her inspiration when she is puzzled and looking to give vent to her feelings. You can get all sorts of framed pictures at the local flea market or in craft stores in your area. You can also try Amazon and other retailers during their sales to find beautiful art pieces to hang on the wall of the bedroom of your darling daughter.

Choose a Bed That Allows Her to Sleep Peacefully

The bed in your sweet girl’s bedroom is the most important furniture item, one on which she spends a lot of time taking rest and sleeping. Buy a bed that evokes a feminine feel without being too girly. Check these ideas for bedding that is soft and comfortable and carries a pattern and color of her choice. Whether you place the bed in the corner alongside a wall or in the center, make sure that your teenage daughter feels relaxed and gets a full night’s sleep without any disturbance.

Add a Canopy to The Bed

Every young girl wants to be treated like a princess. What better way to make your young daughter feel like a princess than to add a beautiful canopy to her bed. A canopy made of fabric with a chandelier in the middle serves as the center of attraction for your daughter. However, a canopy is only as good as the quality of bed and bedding used in the bedroom. Make sure that her bedding is soft and luxurious with soft and fluffy pillows. Anyone who comes inside this bedroom is left speechless when he looks up at the canopy.

A Colorful Headboard to Add Some Drama

Unless you are using a vintage iron bed for your princess, you can always ask for a beautiful headboard in a vibrant color attached to one side of the bed. A soft and upholstered headboard adds to the fun quotient of the bedroom and gives a very cozy feel to your daughter. One of the most popular designs in these headboards is that of a cloud. There are also available headboards that are reversible.  It means that you can change the design when your princess becomes bored after some time. How about buying a cloud headboard that is white or pink on one side and boasts denim cloth on the other side?

Throw in Soft and Fluffy Colorful Pillows

You can easily add a little more fun and playfulness in the bedroom of your growing daughter by throwing in lots of soft and fluffy pillows. You can choose different designs and colors to have a riot of colors. These pillows provide a source of some fun and frolic when your daughter is joined in by her friends for a sleepover party. She also uses these pillows in her leisure time when reading fiction or watching movies on her laptop.

Do not Overlook the Fifth Wall

The fifth wall in the bedroom of your grown-up daughter is as important as the other 4 walls. Yes, we are talking about the ceiling that you can paint in the same color that you have used for the other four walls. However, make sure to keep the ceiling lighter than the shade used on the walls. You can also enhance the decor of the ceiling by hanging a beautiful antique or a chandelier from the ceiling.

Choose a Color Palette that is Soft

The color used to paint the walls of your girl’s bedroom is very important. It sets the mood and provides energy to your daughter when she is feeling down. Light pink is the favorite color used in the bedroom of young girls but you can also try lilac, light green, light yellow, and sunset orange depending upon the liking of your daughter. Choose colors that are feminine but not too girly. You will find pastel hues being used in the bedrooms of young girls

OptFor Boho Inspired Decor

How about a beautiful boho design if you are falling short of ideas for the design of your young daughter’s bedroom? A Bohemian-inspired decor is back with a bang these days. It fits in nicely with modern architecture and furniture items. It is also easy and soft on the eyes.

You will never go wrong with the choice of design elements if you follow your heart and try to give wings to your imagination. Always keep in mind the nature and personality of your grown-up daughter when buying decor items for her bedroom. She would appreciate your efforts if you can create a personal space that is cozy and allows her to have some fun and frolic when she is alone in her bedroom.

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