Women and Fashion are two inseparable entities. In this current, cosmopolitan society, women are carving their way into various fields, and one that stands out is Fashion.

Designing an outfit involves a lot of skill and craftsmanship, and it is also considered an art. Fashion isn’t constrained to only apparels. There are so many factors that need to be perfect, to pull off an outfit.

Accessorizing is like a cherry on the cake. There are comprehensive footwear options like ugg for women, boots, high heels, sandals, and many more. These accessories would uplift and enhance the style quotient of an outfit to a whole another level.


Though Fashion is a style statement, it isn’t anything without comfort. Everyone possesses a sense of personal dressing style and standards. Pairing an outfit with reliable yet authentic, stylish, and pleasing footwear makes the ensemble classy. Shoes and boots have become one among the must-haves in a wardrobe. Shoes don’t restrict to any seasons. One can style them with any dress. Boots are preferably used during winter to regulate body temperature or warmth. Here, we are going to look through different types of boots.


These different types of boots serve varied purposes accordingly. One’s feet is significant as it is essential in performing our daily chores. Every individual’s sole may vary based on their body types. Some may be sensitive, allergic, hard, soft, etc. These boots are commonly made using raw materials like leather, rubber, nylon, duration, and wool.

Chelsea boots – These are made of leather, and both men and women can use these boots. These were launched during the Victorian era as ankle-length, closed boots. It is available in distinct shades and designs. Comparatively to men, women can style it in plenty of different ways by exploring different shades.

UGGS – These are also boots but made up of sheepskin, and so it’s called uggs. They have assorted collections designed like ugg for women and men. These also manufacture slippers. Ugg for women and men are found predominantly during the winter seasons.

HIKING BOOTS – These are very sporty and used during treks, hikes, and adventurous activities. It can withstand cold, snowy, and freezing conditions. Both men and women living in cold provinces need this to sustain low temperatures, and these are waterproof and sturdy.

RIDING BOOTS – They are designed specifically for horse riding. As one hears the name cowboy, the hat and boots are the foremost things that blow our minds. From being utilized as functional boots, people these days pair with casuals like jeans and enhance the outfit’s look flawlessly.

WEDGE BOOTS – It is about choosing style over comfort. These are heeled boots raised till the knees. This boot has abundant styling options as it can be paired with any outfit and worn to workplaces. Even men desire these wedge boots as it gives an edge to formal wear.

SUEDE BOOTS – It is not constrained to any particular climatic condition. It has heels and is available in unique patterns, designs, and shades. These are designed mainly for women serving in their fashion and styling expertise.

There are also many other types of boots, namely the wingtip boot, suede brogue boot, harness boot, desert boot, etc. Among all these, ugg for women are the most stylish and sought after.

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