Heel Guard Drain Grates Technology

The ground-breaking grating technology was designed specifically for pedestrian-accessible public places.  The drain is extremely successful in quickly eliminating large amounts of stored water while filtering material, such as leaves, to keep it from clogging. This drain grate arrangement at E Industrial Engineering Australia is suitable for any house or company in today’s eco-conscious world.

Heel guard drain technique drain grates are made in a way that ensures your protection. The stainless steel drains are designed in a grid pattern with a non-slip coating that makes them easy to walk on. The holes are also tiny enough that you won’t have to worry about your child’s fingers getting stuck or things falling in. With a small profile specially designed to fit into all kinds of surfaces, the grid structure is also aesthetically pleasing.

Public places such as public plazas, transport hubs, commercial markets, and streetscapes are ideal for stainless steel grates. They are slip-resistant and may be comfortably walked through, even in high heels, because they will not catch. This one-of-a-kind design reduces the possibility of lawsuits by preventing falls and accidents. Furthermore, all of the heel guard gratings are built to resist heavy foot traffic and the test of time.

Recommend The Heel Guard Grates For:

  • Walkways for pedestrians
  • Drainage in the bathroom, patio, and veranda
  • Applications in industry
  • Trucks that transport pallets
  • And there’s so much more!

All of the drain grate device layouts are fully customizable, and designers provide three distinct width options: 50, 100, and 130mm, allowing you to adapt to the specific task’s requirements.  Discharge requirements are also met; designers offer a variety of choices for multiple or single outlet placements. The versatile grate layouts are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Outdoor Drainage

Utilizing its unique ideas, designers can provide cutting-edge solutions for surplus water. The non-clogging drain-through grating is made to remove a lot of water quickly. If you don’t have a proper drainage system in place in your outdoor space, it can ruin your landscaping, saturate the soil, attract insects, and even erode foundations and concrete.

Heel guard shields enable continuous drainage, which is beneficial in all outdoor locations, but particularly in places with a lot of rain. Because heel guard pit grates are so simple to install, you can be more creative with your layouts while still keeping the best quality control and longevity.

Commercial Uses For Heel Guard Grate Technology

Heel guard drainage systems are beneficial to a variety of retail establishments. Professional kitchens are a good example because they can manage a lot of water and having a good drainage system makes a big effect.  It reduces cleaning time without jeopardizing the security of the chefs and waiters.

Residential Uses For Heel Guard Grate Technology

The stainless steel drains can help you establish a stunning layout in your bathroom if you’re building or remodeling it. The end effect will be both functional and secure, as well as pleasant to the eye. The drains are also more adaptable than standard drains, which reduces the cost and time of installation. Know more about 5 Tech Support Trends to Keep up With in 2021


You don’t have to settle for a subpar drain grill; instead, look for the high-quality heel guard storm drain options. The goods are extremely durable and satisfy stringent specifications, so you can relax knowing that your requirements will be met. When you buy the heel guard system, you know you’re getting a high-quality product.

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