Helpful Tips for Family Caregivers Losing Someone from Cancer

Being the main caregiver to someone close to you that has cancer can be a scary but fulfilling duty. It is not something that one can prepare for beforehand. Most caregivers learn more about what is expected from them as they go through the process. It can be heart wrenching going through the last weeks and months of taking care of your dying loved one who has cancer. It can become incredibly challenging to support or loved one with emotions, symptoms, and other health challenges. You will require support and assistance for yourself to prevent a burnout. Those who are responsible for looking after a dying love one, often deal with feelings, exhaustion and having to let go. In this article, we will be sharing some tips for family caregivers that are losing a loved one to cancer.

Allow Yourself to Feel

You might have your hands full with arranging care and scheduling ant attending doctor’s appointments, that you do not often think about what you’re feeling. Both you and your family member may have feelings of sadness, anger, guilt, or loss. You might also have a fear of what lies ahead. Your love one may have unsolved issues that she or he might want to discuss with you. It is perfectly all right to allow all these feelings to sink in. Make time for yourself to just spend time together. Tell your family member what matters.

  • That you will be there for them, no matter what.
  • That you love them so much.

Always be honest with yourself about what you are going through and be encouraging to your loved one and speak to them about their feelings and thoughts.

Get Assistance

Taking care of someone who is dying from cancer can be incredibly difficult and overwhelming at times. Do not hesitate to seek assistance. You can get support from counsellors, doctors, social workers, nurses, or caregivers who specialize in care for seniors and cancer sufferers. If you can surround yourself with your loved ones, it can help you to better get through this time and assist your sick loved one.

Set Aside Time For Yourself

Caregivers are always told to take care of themselves. Even though this is essential, it happens that you neglect making time for yourself and emphasize solely on your family member in their last days. You must be prepared for the final tough days. Make time to eat healthy, get some exercise, or relax in a bath. You need to gather your resources for the difficult time that lies ahead where your will have to pour yourself out. The reason for self-care is to allow you to deal with the pain you’re experiencing. Every person experience things differently. Talk to a counsellor or friend about your level of loss. It is normal to sometimes have feeling of helplessness and to feel like you cannot cope during the last days of cancer. Take each moment to show affection and be present for your loved one.

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