How Is Marham Revolutionizing The Telemedicine Industry In Pakistan?

Its more than one year that we are fighting with COVID-19 pandemic and still we are not out of it. Although in Pakistan, the situation of lockdown is quite relaxing, but still people hesitate to visit hospitals. That’s why now adays, telemedicine is the first choice of everyone.

Platforms like are helping millions of people to get medical consultations while sitting in their homes. Telemedicine is the need of time. Like many other fields of our lives, medicine also needs technology to perform its tasks effectively and efficiently. That’s why technology is now playing an important role in the field of medicine. It not only improves the working efficiency of medical staff but also reduce the load for health-care system.

How is Marham Saving Thousands Of Lives In Pakistan? is a leading digital platform that has a complete database of the best doctors of Pakistan. Their official website can help you to find and book the health specialist of your choice and need. You can select your city and specialty of choice and find the doctor from the list of doctors.

Marham Mobile App:

You can also download the Marham mobile App, that helps you in more smart way through your smart phones. The App is easy and user-friendly. You can select your city and search the doctors according to the specialty.

Find Doctor by Disease:

The also helps you to get information about the diseases. In the section Find doctors by disease, you can read about different diseases. You can get information about the symptoms, risk factors, causes, and treatment options for different diseases. And you can find the doctors who can treat those specific diseases.

In this way you can easily understand your disease and also find the doctor who can help you in treating that disease.

Find Doctor By Specialty:

On you can find the doctors according to their specialty. You can know their qualification, experience and expertise. You can also find out their visiting hours in different hospitals and areas.

Select Doctor By Reviews:

You can check the rating and reviews of each and every doctor by the previous patients. So that you can understand and trust the doctor for your treatment.

Q/A Forum On Website:

The Q/A forum is present on the website that helps you to ask your queries from the best doctors of Pakistan free of cost. You can also hide your identity on the forum and get your problem solved.

Health Blog:

The health blog on is helping millions of people by giving informational articles. The articles are written on different topics related to health. They provide tips, remedies, and information about the diseases, problems and treatments. The blogs present on the website are both in English and Urdu languages. So that even lay man can understand the common health issues.

Order Medicines:

Now you can easily get medicines while sitting in your homes. And this facility is also provided by You can order the medicines by uploading the picture of your prescription and providing the general information about you. And you can receive your medicines at your doorstep.

Know The Hospitals: is also helping you to find the hospitals nearby you. You can get information about the hospital by the map’s directions and helpline number. You can also find the doctors that are available in that hospital. Similarly you can find the list of hospitals in your area and services provided by those hospitals.

Know The Laboratories: is also helping you to find the laboratories in your city. You can check the services and testing facilities provided by the laboratories. You can also get the discount on different tests from some specific laboratories, that are famous in Pakistan.

YouTube Channel:

YouTube is the leading media of information after Google. If you want to see any information in the form of video, you just open your YouTube. And is also present on this platform to help millions of people around the globe. You can see the informational videos of the best doctors of Pakistan on YouTube official channel of Some live sessions of doctors are also conducted, and doctors give answers of common questions of viewers.

Facebook Group: is also providing its services though social media platform Facebook. It has an official page and group on Facebook. In the group, you can ask your questions from different doctors. Similarly doctors also do live sessions on Facebook page of Marham, where they give important information related to different diseases and treatment options. is overall revolutionizing the concept of telemedicine in Pakistan. It is among the top leading digital healthcare platforms that are saving thousands of lives. It is providing a great platform to young doctors to start their career through online consultation services. And helping the general public by saving their time, money and energy that once they were wasting in the crowded waiting areas of the hospitals.

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