How Secure Is a VPN?

The main task of a Virtual Private Network (like Clear VPN and some others) is to create a secure connection between any gadget you use and the Internet. Thus, the desired level of application security and web surfing is achieved, and in some cases ­ confidentiality and anonymity. But is the VPN as secure as we would like it to be?

How Is VPN Security Achieved?

By its very nature, a VPN must be secure and reliable. Connection safety is achieved in a variety of ways. We cannot talk about a unified data protection system. Each VPN provider has its own feature set and technical implementation. In most cases, it implies 256-bit encryption, but different security protocols are also used.

Let’s Take a Look at the Example of the Clear VPN Service

Clear VPN keeps user data safe with AES-256 encryption and other modern protocols. In addition to the basic set of protective options on board, the service took care of some extra security measures. These activities have led to the fact that the gadget remains protected even in public places with an unstable Internet connection.

On the other hand, Clear VPN doesn’t keep logs and store user data ­ the service doesn’t need them for correct operation. The absence of logs guarantees the user that no one sees the IP address, personal or confidential information, data on site visits, purchases, and other online activities.

Such a strict policy allows the service to successfully lead the market, competing with those software solutions that can’t refuse to keep logs and control the user.

Where Do Concerns About VPN Security Come from?

So, the main task of a VPN is to provide the Internet user with complete privacy and security, protection against data leaks, and, in general, such a level of encryption that even Zuckerberg will not know anything about your online activity. How is it that some users are afraid to use such services because they are compromised?

There is no smoke without fire. Indeed, free services don’t always provide stable anonymity. They have to earn something; otherwise, they won’t be able to technically support their existence. The need to cover current costs forces such services to collect seemingly harmless but still important information about the user:

  • Age
  • Preferences, interests
  • Purchases, average receipts in different stores
  • Time spent on social networks and other sites

Selling this information keeps free services afloat. But at the same time, it often substitutes for the client, who decided to use the VPN precisely to prevent such leaks from happening.

So, with great concern, experts recommend treating free VPN services (perhaps, apart from those offered by browsers themselves ­ there is a slightly different story and more trust in such services). It makes no sense for paid software solutions to collect, sort, and then sell the personal information of customers, and this is spelled out in the rules of use of the product and user agreement (you always read them, right?).

Is It True That Internet Speed Drops When Using a VPN?

The quality of the Internet connection and the speed of receiving or transmitting data packets often depend not only on the quality of the router or the basic speed guaranteed by the provider. Sometimes, providers deliberately limit the quality of the Internet connection when they notice frequent torrent downloads behind a certain IP address or when the limit on the use of certain data is reached. In this case, a VPN will not slow down the speed of the Internet connection; on the contrary, it can significantly increase it.

Why Should I Use a VPN?

The anonymity and confidentiality of the network from which you access the Internet may be necessary for various reasons:

  1. Hiding your real location.
  2. Free access to some censored resources, including those prohibited by state sanctions.
  3. Getting access to better prices when placing online orders.
  4. Unblocking some streaming services in your region, which remain unavailable while a VPN is off.
  5. Accessing games blocked in a particular region. VPN helps you bypass geographic restrictions easily.
  6. Downloading torrent files securely without losing speed and quality. In some countries, it is illegal to save files via torrenting, and when you use an encrypted connection, the authorities do not know about your petty online tricks.
  7. Protecting important data from leakage or hacker attacks. This is especially important when you send payment information (information about bank cards or e-wallets) using an open public Wi-Fi hotspot.

To have access to the full list of benefits, you do not have to deal with complex technological issues, software settings, and other nuances. Everything has already been done by developers for you. You just have to turn a VPN on or off or select the desired region, which will be indicated for the current Internet connection as your current location.

How Do I Сhoose the Perfect VPN Service?

Here are some rules that will help you decide on the highest quality service that you can entrust with such an important mission as the safety of your data. So, what to look for:

  • Security protocols and type of data encryption. Saving on security with a VPN is an absolutely pointless exercise. The mandatory minimum for any service: IKEv2 and OpenVPN protocols, as well as 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Read the privacy policy. Make sure that the provider really refuses to register user personal data and does not transfer them to authorities or third parties on request or a commercial basis.
  • Find out if the service will cope with the goals you are going to achieve with its help. Perhaps you need access to online trading platforms and purchase at competitive prices. Or you like to consume content on streaming services. If a VPN is needed for a very specific purpose, make sure the software solution you choose is designed for that.
  • Check compatibility with different platforms. Some services, like Clear VPN, work great with phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Others are intended solely for desktop use.

It is useful to familiarize yourself with the program interface in advance and make sure that there are no difficulties in the settings, and you will be able to manage the provided functions. Best of all: explore the service website, read user reviews, try a trial version for a closer acquaintance and final decision.

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