How to Create a Killer SEO Plan for Your Company

Did you know that more than ninety percent of all website pages receive no organic search traffic from Google?

Despite how important it is for businesses to get found on Google, most don’t have effective SEO strategies in place. What many business owners don’t realize is how easy it is to create and implement a successful SEO plan.

To help you know how to make sure that your business starts showing up on Google and other search engines, we’ve written a guide. Read on and we’ll tell you what’s important to know.

Search Engine Optimization: What It Is

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of identifying and taking steps to improve search engine rankings. Businesses and organizations develop SEO strategies to increase the amount of organic traffic that finds its way to their websites.

How to Develop a Great SEO Marketing Strategy

There are various steps involved in designing an SEO strategy. This is why many business owners choose to hire SEO companies and marketing agencies to help them out. To find out more about the benefits of working with professionals such as Design ME Marketing, visit

Step 1: Build a List of Content Topics

The first step that people used to take to develop an SEO strategy was creating a list of keywords. But more and more experts now recommend first identifying topics that you want your online content to relate to. To do this, simply think up five to ten words or phrases that you want people to associate with your company.

Once you create content topics, it will be easier for you to identify specific keywords related to your business. You can use these keywords in your SEO strategy to make it more likely that your business shows up on search engine results when people search for those specific words.

Step 2: Create Pages for Each of Your Content Topics

It’s common to make the mistake of creating a single website page to rank for multiple keywords. What people don’t realize is that this limits the effectiveness of their digital marketing strategies.

It’s a better idea to create pages for each of your products or services that are each associated with one of your content topics.

Step 3: Create a Blog and Set a Blogging Schedule

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to get your business found on search engines. Try to write new blog posts at least every week and create content that’s related to the content topics you identified in step 1.

Develop a Great SEO Plan Today

If you’re in the process of developing an SEO plan, remember to start by identifying keywords and content topics related to your business. You should then create web pages for each of your content topics and start writing a blog.

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