How to find a lawyer when you really need one?

Legal complications ensue when we least expect them. For some, the legal challenge is a mandatory court appearance after accumulating multiple unpaid speeding tickets. Others face graver challenges, such as criminal allegations, sexual harassment, workplace injustices, corporate fraud, or hit-and-run accidents. 

People seek legal assistance in numerous situations, such as filing a lawsuit, responding to a lawsuit, or avoiding false incrimination. It’s common for people to consult attorneys and legal experts without the impending doom of criminal proceedings or possible incrimination. For instance, people consult lawyers regarding wills, trust funds, legal stipulations of selling a property, or understanding construction laws. 

But regardless of the reason, how can you find a lawyer when you really need one? Keep reading to find out! 

Understanding Your Legal Needs 

Before jumping straight into an aggressive attorney hunt, take some time to assess and understand your legal needs. 

Understanding your needs is crucial to enlist the help of an attorney with extensive training and experience solving cases like yours. 

Are you facing criminal proceedings or being falsely accused of a crime you didn’t commit? In that case, you will need an attorney specializing in criminal law. 

Suppose you’re want to report financial fraud and initiate legal proceedings against the perpetrator. In that case, a lawyer specializing in financial fraud will best represent your interests. Law has numerous branches and specializations, and an experienced attorney can help you build a solid case. 

Enlist Google’s Help 

Online databases can help you connect with the right attorney in seconds. Enlist Google’s help in connecting with an experienced attorney near your neighborhood. Suppose you’re looking for a lawyer in Ipswich, Australia. In that case, make a location-based search query using the keywords “Ipswich lawyers” to connect with legal firms within your proximity. 

Be sure to enable access to your device to find law firms located nearest to your neighborhood. Google My Business (GMB) profiles are a reliable source of information to streamline your options for in-person consultations. GMB profiles carry extensive information on legal credentials, client reviews, and links to the website and social media profiles. It’s wise to steer clear of law firms with incomplete or hastily-made GMB profiles that lack crucial information.

Once you’ve screened your options, visit their websites and social media profiles to learn more about their legal practice. Social media profiles offer more insight into client testimonials and experiences people have had while struggling with similar legal situations. Do your homework around the attorney’s credentials, success rates, client portfolios, and overall reputation. 

After exhausting all digital research tools at your disposal, make an appointment with at least three attorneys you’ve streamlined. 

Suppose you don’t have time to waste and need to engage a lawyer immediately. In that case, it’s wise to book an appointment with the promising lawyer you’ve discovered during your search. But avoid rushing into hiring the first attorney you find on Google, no matter the urgency of your situation! 

Referrals from Family, Friends & Community Members 

Many people aren’t comfortable or digitally literate to connect with legal experts through the internet. For some, it’s a matter of trust and finding someone reputable and reliable to entrust their legal affairs and confidential issues. Asking family members, friends, colleagues, and trusted community members is a viable solution for those skeptical about online search. 

Getting recommendations from your siblings, friends, or colleagues is an effective way to connect with a reliable individual. An attorney referred by a friend is more likely to prioritize your case than a lawyer you find online. Perhaps someone in your family has dealt with a similar legal complication and can offer a referral and valuable insight. 

Are there any lawyers in your family or social circle? If yes, be sure to enlist their help in connecting with a reputable attorney. Lawyers network routinely, and it’s common for attorneys to refer each other to build mutually-beneficial relations. Lawyers are also members of local and state associations and can help you find an attorney specializing in your case. 

If your social circle cannot provide referrals, get in touch with the local or state bar association. Bar associations offer lawyer referral services and help clients connect with attorneys specializing in the areas they require assistance. 

Don’t Hire the First Lawyer you find! 

We cannot stress this enough: do not rush into hiring the first lawyer on your list. Take your time to research the attorneys’ credentials, market reputation, and experiences of past clients. You don’t want to waste your money and time hiring the wrong attorney. Worse, you don’t want to engage with an ill-reputed or unscrupulous attorney who will likely compromise your legal interests. 

Most attorneys offer free consultation sessions to take new clients onboard and discuss their legal options. It’s wise to schedule interviews with at least three attorneys before deciding. That can prove challenging if you’re pressed for time, but try to manage at least two interviews or extensive research. 

A consultation session will help gauge your comfort level with the attorney’s communication style and willingness to assist you. It’s crucial to note that each lawyer will present a different set of legal options to tackle your problem. In the end, it’s not much about hiring the best attorney but instead choosing the best legal solution. For instance, some attorneys suggest trials for victims entangled in criminal proceedings, while others encourage avoiding trials and taking plea bargains

Suppose you’re preparing to fight a lengthy and complex legal battle. In that case, you need a highly-qualified attorney with vast experience and determination to help you win. 

Final Thoughts 

Finding a reputable and experienced attorney isn’t so challenging after all. It all boils down to the mediums you utilize, such as digital databases, referrals, or local bar associations. Most people connect with lawyers in sensitive situations with limited time to engage an attorney and find legal solutions. In time-sensitive cases, seeking referrals from family and friends may prove more helpful and efficient.

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