How to Look Stylish While Cycling

If you have a passion for cycling and fashion, you may want to show off your style while you ride. Make a statement with your choice of bike and the clothes and gear you wear on the road or trail. Find out more about trendy cruiser bicycles for sale and chic urban bikes as well as cycling garments and accessories.

Choose an Eye-Catching Bike

Your choice of a bike can instantly make an impression. The sleek lines of a beach cruiser bicycle in your favorite color combination or a classic, vintage style are likely to draw double takes. You may want to choose shades that increase your visibility on the road.

Whether you are interested in an electric bike for sale or a standard model, comfort and cruiser bikes are perfect for leisurely rides. Consider a commuter bike if you ride as a mode of transportation or a hybrid bike for the road less taken. Any of these types of bikes are available with sleek frame designs and a variety of color options.

Sport a Fashionable Jersey or Jacket

Your most on-trend clothing may not make for the most comfortable cycling outfits. Look for stylish, activity-specific garments such as jerseys designed for riding. These pieces are often made out of breathable synthetic materials that wick away sweat to keep you feeling dry and looking great while riding in most weather conditions.

Cycling shirts are only part of a complete riding ensemble. Depending on the weather, you may want layer with a short- or long-sleeved undershirt. Increase your comfort on long rides by wearing padded shorts or tights and pack a pair of leg warmers to transition when the temperature drops. Jackets provide varying amounts of insulation and waterproofing.

Reflective detailing on any outer garments is helpful on the road when catching eyes is a matter of safety.

Select Functional Cycling Garments

Clothes intended for cycling tend to be form-fitting to reduce drag. Having less material flapping around as you ride makes you more aerodynamic. Loose-fitting clothing also poses safety risks. Pants with a wide cut allow for free motion, but these garments may get snagged in a bike chain or gears.

Padded legwear minimizes chafing caused by friction and moisture buildup to promote comfort on longer rides. A variety of colors and materials make it possible for these practical designs to also make a style statement. The right cycling shoes for the way you prefer to can be another opportunity to select a matching or contrasting accessory and maximize pedaling efficiency.

Make a Statement with Safety Gear

You may not consider helmets the height of fashion, but head protection is essential for safe riding. Choose from many brands, designs and color choices to complete your outfit. Other accessories such as sunglasses and gloves can be stylish and provide enhanced comfort and protection from injury.

There are many ways to express your personality and style on the saddle of your bike. Select a trend-setting bike design and put on clothing and gear that strikes a balance between being fashionable and functional.

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