How to make a strong and good coffee

Coffee is undoubtedly an essential part of many of our lives. Without coffee, our mornings wouldn’t exactly be the same. To accelerate the impact created by coffee, you need to make it as per your requirement. Though there are people who like their coffee to be sweet and fruity flavoured, many of us prefer it to be strong and earthy. Good coffee is always with better aroma and strong flavours. But achieving such consistency may be quite a task.

Here is the complete detail of every step in making a strong, and good coffee.

Choose the darker roast.

When you are in the process of making a strong-tasting coffee, you should consider picking out the right roast. Lightly roasted beans will give you a blunt and fruity sweet taste while dark roast gives you a bitter and dark, taste. The flavour of dark roast beans is so sharp and deep when compared to other coffee beans. There are various types of dark roast beans available in the market. Make sure you do the essential research of the available beans before you go coffee shopping. You can also choose according to the caffeine content to get a strong and good coffee. Lava Lei Coffee shares that lighter roasts contain more caffeine, so keep that in mind as you’re determining which type of coffee you prefer.

The right kind of beans

All coffee lovers know the two types of coffee beans widely available. While most of our knowledge lies within Robusta and Arabica, there are more available in the world. Liberica and Excelsa are other varieties that are not prevalent among everyone. Usually, Arabica has the sweetest and pleasant taste compared to all other, varieties. If you are looking for a dark coffee, you should pick Robusta. It has dense and tropical flavours which will leave you in ecstasy. Liberica gives you the taste of fruit tones along with some flavour of smoke. And Excelsa gives you the dark and rusty taste of heavier flavour. So, to make a strong coffee, Robusta and Excelsa must be your pick. You can also check out this list by flatwhitecafe the coffee blog as a reference.

The same size of ground doesn’t work well for every type of coffee. Each type has different grinds that work well with. Identifying the latter is where you need to concentrate more. To make a strong coffee that tastes good, you need to prepare the right-sized ground. To achieve the required size, be sure to follow all the correct instructions for proper grinding. Blade grinder works like a miracle for minute grinding, which is essential to make strong, and thick coffee. Fine grinding is absolutely the key to making the best coffee.

Check the coffee to water ratio.

Adding the right quantity of water to your coffee mix is also essential for the best taste. Too much water will make your coffee taste blunt though you have a great, blend. Too little water content will make your coffee very thick and pasty and less tasty to consume. So, the right coffee to water ratio matters. To make your regular cup of coffee, for two spoons of powder adding, six ounces of water is the correct ratio. If you want your coffee to taste strong, add more coffee powder without altering the water content.

Right brewing method


Brewing also matters in making the best strong-tasting coffee and, it must be correct. The timing is very crucial in this process. If you follow the right brewing mechanism, the result will be the best-tasting coffee. There is a timeframe where most of the flavours get into the water. When you make your coffee in the following manner, you will be able to get the most out of your grind. Such will leave you with great flavours and a strong taste. The time required is two to five minutes, but if you prolong, you will get a strong flavour in your coffee.

Drink it quick

You need to consume your coffee as soon as you make it. Because coffee tends to lose its flavour quickly. When you make your coffee at a high temperature and leave it for a while, you can notice a change in the taste. It will become blunt concerning time. If you want your coffee to be strong drink it as soon as possible, else it will become tasteless. But if you wish to store your coffee for longer, try to maintain it at 85 C.

Try special brewing mechanisms.

For more enhanced and strong-tasting coffee, you can try a different type of brewing mechanism. The regular brewing technique doesn’t give you any difference from the usual coffee. You can try Aero press coffee which will provide a strong taste, unlike many brewing methods. It is quick which, saves you a lot of time. Likewise, Turkish coffee can also provide you with a strong blend. If you have a lot of time with you, try cold brew coffee. It can also give you the strong taste you are looking for.

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