How to Safely Visit the Doctor During COVID

You’ve read the numbers and watched the television reports; COVID-19 was the third leading cause of death in the United States during 2020.

Managing daily life through a global pandemic hasn’t been easy. You’ve stopped doing the things that bring you joy. You stayed inside and avoided haircuts.

You’ve performed your civic duty by putting safety first for yourself and others. Yet, is it truly safe to avoid seeing a doctor?

It’s understandable if you’re hesitant, but there are ways to prioritize your health and safety as you wait for your turn to be vaccinated. Read on to learn ways you can stay safe and see your medical provider.


Staying safe during the last year has been the highest priority. It’s why you’ve spent so much time at home.

Seeing a doctor right now is as easy as having an internet connection. Due to the pandemic, doctors embraced telemedicine. You’re able to make an appointment for a minor ailment.

Search online for a family doctor near me who sees patients virtually, and you’ll be able to stay safe.

Mask Up

You’ve heard it over and over from every public health official. Masks save lives.

Don’t forget your mask when visiting the doctor. You won’t be allowed to enter the office without one.

The CDC’s tutorial on masks will help keep you safe as possible.

Follow Social Distancing

Social distancing is how you stay safe no matter where you’re going.

When you head to the office for your appointment, make sure to observe all social distancing protocols in the office. This means:

  • Avoid crowded waiting rooms
  • Stay six feet away from other patients
  • Don’t let another patient sit next to you
  • Follow all safety guidelines outlined by your doctor’s office

Your doctor and their office workers are who you trust with your health. They’re interested in keeping you safe, and they want to keep their staff as safe as possible.

The guidelines are to be followed as outlined. Notify them immediately if you feel uncomfortable. They will work with you.

Practice Good Hygiene

Good hygiene has been a constant since last March, and a trip to the doctor’s office now should not mean a lapse.

Wash and sanitize your hands often. Avoid touching your face. Make sure to clip your nails close.

If you’re a man, a clean shave will help your mask stay on your face.

Children’s Health

Any parent knows their children’s health takes priority over their own. You might be able to put off seeing a doctor, but you shouldn’t delay a child’s appointment.

Follow the same safety rules, masks, and social distancing, to keep your children safe during a visit.

Seeing Your Doctor is Putting Safety First

Navigating this pandemic looks to be a continuing challenge. Who would’ve thought last year we’d still be wearing masks and not gathering with our friends and family.

Though vaccines bring hope, it’s vital to put your safety first. Follow the safety guidelines on your next appointment to keep yourself healthy and safe.

For more COVID-19 safety tips, make sure to check out the rest of our page.

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