Impressive Things about Honor 20 Pro You Must Know

Honor introduces its latest phone known as Honor 20 Pro. This phone has a lot of features that makes it different compared to other traditional phones in the market.

Please check the user reviews about HONOR 20 pro and the specifications below to know what makes this phone different than other phones out there.

Revolutionary Power Button 

You don’t have to push a power button only to turn on the phone. Honor improves the traditional power button with a fingerprint sensor. All you have to do is put your finger on the sensor and the phone turns in a few seconds. It is an effortless and secure method. No one can turn on your phone except you. This feature also keeps your important files safe.

Impressive Design 

Honor 20 Pro is for those who want to bring a luxurious phone. The design looks impressive with the dynamic holographic. This technology makes an outstanding effect on the body phone. The body phone looks shiny based on the light level. Sometimes, you will see the body phone color looks phantom blue but next time, you will see a phantom black color.

Outstanding Camera 

One of the best components of this phone is the camera. Imagine that this phone is not only using one or two cameras but four cameras. Besides using the main camera, you can also use the super wide-angle, telephoto, and macro cameras. The specification of these cameras is also outstanding. For example, this phone has a 48MP main camera and a 16MP super wide-angle camera. You can shoot an object no matter the condition. The selfie camera is also fantastic. Indeed, this phone camera makes you produce photos and videos like a pro.

Outstanding Performance 

Honor 20 Pro is the first phone that uses a 7mm mobile AI chipset in the world. This chipset makes the phone smarter and fits with things that you expect from a high-tech camera. Honor uses this chipset to upgrade all components. As a result, you will have a phone with great performance and better power efficiency. This phone works faster and smoother with the 8GB RAM. So, it doesn’t matter to work with several applications at once. There is also enough room for important files in this gadget.

Great Battery Performance 

Honor concerns on all aspects while developing Honor 20 Pro, including its battery. This phone is using a 4.000mAh, along with a 22.5W battery. This battery supports you to listen to your favorite music for up to 141 hours, watch favorite videos for up to 19 hours. Indeed, you can call your friends for up to 29 hours when it is fully recharged. Another impressive thing about this battery is the charging ability. The charging process is faster in which you only need to wait for about 30 minutes to get the battery power to reach 55%. It means waiting for the battery to be fully recharged is no longer so long. This phone is suitable for users who often use their phones for doing projects with a tight deadline.

Great Phone for Gamers 

This phone is not only good for those who love photography but also for playing games. The GPU turbo, along with an AI chipset makes everything look outstanding. You are about to get a new gaming experience with this phone.

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