Kitchen Goals for the Trendy Millenial

Kitchens compose an important part of any home. People are bound to spend lots of time there to make food and, sometimes, eat home-cooked food surrounded by friends and family. Millennials have specific views when it comes to how their kitchen looks and you often see millennials remodeling their kitchen to fit into what they perceive as the perfect kitchen style. There are some simple goals that millennials seek when remodeling their kitchen and you will find most, if not all of them, here.

Space Saving

Millennials have a never-ending desire to save space. They do not enjoy cluttered counters and appreciate a well-organized kitchen area. This is why you will find many millennials focusing on the storage aspect of the kitchen. Usually, a millennial will make use of every single space and area in their kitchen, without making it seem cluttered. They do so by inserting hanging storage for their cups and glasses and by using the walls above kitchen counters to make hangers for their utensils.

Minimalist Aesthetic

Millennials enjoy a minimalist aesthetic throughout their home. Kitchens in millennial homes will usually have neutral colors, mainly white cabinets, throughout with little color accents to tie the whole look together and make it stand out. After all, neutral doesn’t mean drab. You will rarely find appliances littering kitchen countertops, and if there are any appliances around, they fit in with the minimalist look by being plain in color which almost blends into the counter they sit on.

Timeless Features

Unlike past generations, millennials are interested in a timeless feel to their kitchen. You will rarely find a millennial with Formica tiles. This is because millennials often lean towards a timeless style rather than a trend or fad that will fade or go out of style in a couple of years. Sometimes, you will find millennial kitchens with a vintage vibe to them; however, millennials are not willing to part with contemporary appliances and modern features.

Millennials enjoy a modern, yet, extremely functional feel to their kitchen. For example, although granite can be on the expensive side, millennials still gravitate towards buying it because of how functional and durable it is. It can be hard to choose between the different types of countertops available in the market, so that’s why it’s better to get help with your kitchen remodelling project from professionals who know what they are doing. They can make your life easier by laying out your options according to your needs. Remember, an important factor that millennials look for in their kitchen is functionality, efficiency, and simple aesthetics.

Kitchen Islands

This is quite popular in many millennial homes. Kitchen islands are in style and are probably going to stay so for a while. Kitchen islands create more counter space that millennials are fond of and they allow you to gather around with friends and family in a casual and cozy setting.

Pantry Cabinets

As mentioned above, storage is an important aspect of a millennial’s kitchen. You will find that every millennial has a pantry cabinet or more in their kitchen. This is because pantry style cabinets allow for maximum storage space without revealing any of the stored items.

Now that you know the different characteristics found in a millennial’s kitchen remodeling set of goals, you can take the necessary steps to turn your kitchen into the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. Just keep in mind that you need to keep your kitchen extremely functional, yet, seemingly simple.

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