Make your own juice at home

This is a page completely dedicated to how to make good freshly squeezed juice at home. We give tips on different juice machines that are suitable for making juice with both fruits and vegetables. Learn about the differences between the different machines and what is the best choice for you and your home.

Freshly squeezed juice, green drinks and detox recipes are a very hot trend right now. Juice bars have popped up a bit everywhere and in many cafes healthy drinks made from both fruit and vegetables are served. You can make these good juice drinks at home, as long as you have the ingredients and a good machine.

Juice hard and soft fruits and vegetables

All fruits are easy to juice. Likewise, vegetables and if you have a really strong juice machine, you can even squeeze out all the liquid from hard root vegetables such as carrots and beets.

There are lots of different combinations of ingredients you put in your fruit or vegetable juice. You can experiment yourself, but if you want some safe cards, we recommend following some well-proven recipes.

What is the difference between a slow juicer and a raw juice centrifuge?

Slow juicers, juicers, citrus juicers, juicers and raw juices can all be used to make liquid drinks on fruits, and vegetables. However, they have slightly different uses and give their unique results.

Clear or cloudy juices

One difference in the design between a raw juice centrifuge and a slow juicer is that the centrifuge has a denser filter. This means that the juice that comes out of the machine is completely clear.

From a slow juicer comes a slightly cloudier drink due to the fact that it slips through some fiber from the fruit or vegetable. If you want all the fiber and nutrient content to be retained and nothing is wasted, you can make smoothies in a blender instead.

Soft and hard fruits or vegetables

Another difference is that the slow juicer has a screw or drill-like tool that crushes the fruit or vegetable slowly. In the raw juice centrifuge, the ingredient is cut into small, small pieces. These are then centrifuged to separate the liquid from the pulp.

Since there are completely different methods for dividing, crushing and squeezing out of liquid, it will be a little different what type of ingredient can be used. You cannot run hard vegetables like carrots and uncooked beets in a slow juicer. However, you can easily break them in a raw juice centrifuge if it has a strong engine. The difference also means that it takes different lengths of time to produce juice where the centrifuge runs super-fast with the slow juicer requiring minutes.

If you are a proponent of careful handling to maintain usefulness, slow juicer is a better choice than the centrifuge. You can squeeze the juice of kale and spinach leaves into one.

3 factors to consider when buying a juicer

Here we have put together a list of three factors that you can consider when buying your juice machine. Based on your needs and your wishes to find the best deal.

  • Nutritional content

How much fiber and other nutrients do you want to be preserved when making your juice. Choose a Slow Juicer if you want to make juice with more fiber and nutrition. Choose a Blender if you want to preserve everything, but then it will be smoothies instead. Choose a Centrifuge if you want fast, clear juices without turbidity and pulp.

  • Noise level

A raw juice centrifuge sounds a lot and is not something you start on a Sunday morning if you want peace and quiet and other family members are still asleep. A quiet slow juicer is then the best choice.

  • Ease

It can differ a lot between different models how easy they are to assemble, disassemble, clean and operate. It can also be different sizes of hole in which you put your ingredients. Some are large in diameter and you can push down a whole apple, while others require you to cut and split the fruit or vegetable before. Read tests and reviews to find the best choice for you.

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