Metal Roof is the Best Summer Roof

As soon as the summer comes, so do your good memories! Remember the heat that the asphalt driveway radiated? Walking bare feet on them was an experience you can never forget. However, there hasn’t been any change like the asphalt from the old times when talking about heat.

Asphalt gets hot, and though the asphalt on your driveway is not the same as the type in your shingles, they are both known to absorb and emit heat immensely. Even the sun isn’t fair to asphalt shingles, and it depreciates them quite fast, wearing them down, bleaching them out, and often causing crack and split.

With the temperature rising so high every year, asphalt shingles are seen to bake, releasing all the warmth in the attic spreading all over your home. Hence, you feel the urge run the air conditioning quite often to balance the heat coming from your attic. Unluckily, even with good ventilation, asphalt may prove to be hot for your roof. So, asphalt surely is not a feasible summer roof.

How does a metal roof prove to be better and different from asphalt?

Now you should compare the summer performance of a metal roof and see how it is different from asphalt. At first, a thought may come to your mind that a metal roof is hot, and yes, it is! Just like the disastrous metal slides on your playground that would burn your back as you rode it down. Surely, metal is a great heat absorber.

The difference lies in the finish. Metal roofing comes with specialized coatings that reflect the heat rather than absorb it. The coating is done on the metal with a primer and paint layer on the metal substrate.

Asphalt doesn’t get such type of protection; hence they start wearing down and losing their appeal and shade from being directly exposed to the sun, surely not a thing you would want for your roof.

The metal roofing lasts for around 50 years or more and gives you minimal upkeep and maintenance chances. The different coating works differently, and lighter ones work better than the darker ones. As a metal roof reflects heat, it lowers the effect of solar radiation, thereby keeping your attic cooler in the summer.

Some metal roofs use airspace to restrict conductive heat to fight convective heat. It lowers the heat of your house and reduces your utility bills by 20%. So, you end up saving hundreds of dollars annually if you choose the best summer roof. Putting fewer loads on your air conditioner enhances its lifespan too.

Also, a metal roof works as a great option to handle other disasters of nature such as rainfall, hailstorms, and fire breakout. These are rock-solid and do not get affected by any elements of nature. They secure your home and its residents and keep the temperature normal.

So, this summer, do not be trapped in unforgiving heat because of your asphalt roofing. Instead, choose metal roofing to cool down your house and save your money too. Contact AMT Roofing to know the other details.

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