Natures’ Gift For Hormonal Acne Cure

Hormonal Acne:

Hormonal fluctuation is the leading cause of Acne. There is no particular time stance for Acne, but it mainly occurs during puberty. The factors may also include menstruation and menopause. The majority of women aging 20 to 29 have acne-related problems. Hormones are not responsible for Acne in adults and experts share mixed opinions on this. Some of the basic characteristics of hormonal acne and pimple are age and area sensitive. The T zone, which includes the forehead, nose, and chin, is more prior to acne sensitive during puberty. For adults, the lower part of the face i.e., chicks and jawline forms, acne sensitive area. Over time, these acnes may also take a modification in the form of blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples appearing on the forehead or cysts.

Causes Of Hormonal Acne:

  • Menstrual cycle or menopause.
  • Ovarian syndrome.
  • High androgen level.
  • Skin inflammation.
  • Clogged cells in hair skin.
  • Propionibacterium acnes.
  • Sebum blockage in pores.

Traditional Treatments:

The treatment completely depends on the type of acne. If it’s a cystic bump, its not possible to treat it with topical medication. Oral medication includes:

  • Oral contraceptive.
  • Anti-Androgen drugs
  • Retinoids.

Hormonal Acne Natural Treatment:

Hormonal acne is a skin problem that is curable through various naturally occurring herbs. Plants are always a rich source of vitamins. They are always useful in reducing mild acne cases. The most beneficial thing by using natural and plant-based medication is that it does not have any side effects. The effectiveness of natural and herbal medicines is time-consuming, but the results are always positive. You can opt for various online Hormonal acne natural treatment available on different sites, which can be useful in terms of mild acne cases. You should always consult with your doctor before opting for any such natural medication, as this might correlate with your ongoing medication. Below are mentioned three different natural-based formulas for the treatment of acne.

  • Tea tree oil: tree oil directly decreases inflammation, which helps in contributing acne. Tea tree oil is also present in the cleaners and toners as skin products. Tea tree oil can opt for spot treatment medication. Tea tree oil combines with other carrier oil before use. Twelve drops of carrier oil follow one drop of tea tree oil. Carrier oil can be any of the secondary oil like olive, jojoba, and coconut. You should perform a skin patch test before opting for any such natural remedy.
  • Alpha hydroxy acid (AHAs): They remove excess dead cells from the skin and clogging pores. By using alpha hydroxy acid minimizes the acne scar marks. Many skin cream and masks contain alpha hydroxy acid. Usually, they form a parallel line up with retinoids.
  • Green tea: It also reduces body inflammation. If you want your topical skincare treatment with an effective result, start drinking this beneficial cup of tea twice a day. General green tea lotion consists of two percent tea solution.

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