Office cleaning Hallandale, Miami

The quality of the office work depends on room conditions. Dusty furniture can not only affect the work of staff but also create an unpleasant impression of your company. Maintaining regular cleanliness is quite difficult. The right solution in this case is a call to a professional cleaning company that offers cleaning offices on a regular or one time basis. Shen company occupies a leading position in this service sector. Long-term experience and regular improvement of knowledge in this industry have allowed us to clean rooms where others refuse.

You can focus on the main activities of your company and will not be distracted by extraneous problems when you choose our company as a contractor.

The staff will clean all the surfaces:

  • floor;
  • walls;
  • ceiling;
  • furniture;
  • windowsills;
  • plinths;
  • radiators.

Modern cleaning techniques allow to quickly and qualitatively remove different types of contamination from:

  • floor coverings;
  • delicate surfaces;
  • mirrors or glass products;
  • hard-to-reach areas;
  • soft furniture.

The staff will clean up the business center and put in order under head managers’ clear guidance:

  • main entrance;
  • reception;
  • hall;
  • steps;
  • working area;
  • bathroom;
  • conference room.

Disinfection, disinfection and deratization are carried out to ensure complete cleanliness.

Our capabilities include cleaning the surrounding area and the exterior of the windows and facades using industrial mountaineering.

Advantages of cooperation with our company

Shen adheres to international standards and has reasonable prices. We guarantee the safety of all property. Company has verified workers who regularly receive additional training. Every employee is polite and responsible in the performance of duties. The head manager conducts quality control at each stage of the work. This avoids even the most minor mistakes and provides the customer with an impeccable cleaning result.

We provide comprehensive office cleaning hallandale using environmentally friendly cleaning products. The high-tech equipment allows to remove even the most persistent dirt on delicate surfaces. The company offers a convenient cooperation schedule, including weekends, holidays and at night.

We offer affordable prices and quality service. A formal contract is used for customer service. It indicates the final cost of the service and specifies all points that will be consistently performed at the highest level.

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