Online Marketing for Realtors: How to Get Real Estate Clients Online

As a savvy realtor, digital marketing should be at the front and center of your engagement strategy. A full 84% of all realtors in the US market their services on social media.

However, simply having a social media account for your real estate business is no longer enough in 2020. Online real estate marketing requires being able to grasp the latest real estate trends and techniques in digital marketing.

It means using technology to connect with the clients that most need your services. If you’re wondering how to get real estate clients in 2020, read this comprehensive guide to online marketing for realtors. 

  1. Post Quality Blog Content 

When it comes to digital marketing for realtors, positioning yourself as an authority is crucial. By adding a blog to your realtor website, you can share your expertise, knowledge, and experiences with all prospective customers.

You can answer the most commonly-asked questions of your clientele. You can write about why you are the best realtor in town. What’s more, adding a blog to your website will make you rank much, much higher on Google search results.  

  1. Personalize Your Communications

If you want to know how to attract real estate clients, then it’s time to get personal. Sending out cookie-cutter, identical emails and newsletters is the fastest way to end up straight in everyone’s spam folder.

If you opt for content that is personalized to the needs of each individual lead, you are much more likely to land a loyal customer. Fortunately, this does not mean that you have to type out each email by yourself.

Personalization software for realtors, provided by IDX Property Search, will use the data to ensure each potential customer receives content that matters to them. 

  1. Design an SEO-Formatted Website

Earlier we mentioned how it’s important that your website ranks highly on Google search results. The higher you rank, the more likely you are to get noticed and the more likely you are to attract clients in your area.

That’s why you need to spend some time on improving your website’s SEO. There are many ways to do this. You can conduct a keyword search to see what phrases your target audience is using when searching for the services your offer.

You can make your website more mobile-friendly and secure. You can arrange for other high-ranking websites to link back to you. All of this will boost your profile on search engine results. 

  1. Host Virtual Tours

No more so than ever, being able to offer virtual services is crucial. If you’re wondering how to generate real estate clients with virtual house tours, there are many options to explore.

The most obvious is scheduling virtual house tours via Zoom or Skype at a pre-determined time. You could also use mapping software to recreate a virtual version of a listing on your website that users can explore from their laptops.

You can even up the ante with VR and AR programs, to create the most immersive virtual tour possible. All of these will help you to better engage your target audience. 

Learn More About How to Get Real Estate Clients Today 

Knowing how to get real estate clients with digital marketing is crucial for any serious realtor in 2020. That’s why it’s important to stay on top of the latest industry developments.

In our Service & Business section, you’ll find expert guides on the digital marketing tricks and resources that can propel your realtor career to the next level in 2020. 

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