Owning a Beret hat – All that you need to know before you get one

Wearing a hat can add a different dimension to your look! It can make you appear stylish and provide an edge over others in terms of style. Today, there are different types of hats available for everyone to take their pick. And different people would choose different hats based on their style preference and requirement. For instance, if you love a fedora hat, your cousin might like a cowboy hat. The options available today are endless. But when we are discussing hats, it’s essential to mention the beret hat. It’s one hat type that is popular and is being opted in by style-conscious individuals today. 

Simply put, the beret hat has been a favorite amongst artists and other creative individuals. When you look at the hat, you will find that it exudes a sense of mystery. Many hat enthusiasts either own this hat or are planning to own one. The beret has also been part of the fashion scene for a while now. And if you want to check out some of the best options available, you can browse through the websites that specialize in American hats and designer hat making. 

Are you thinking about what exactly is a beret hat and when you should wear it? If yes, then it is essential to know a few things about the history of this hat. Over the years, the beret hat has witnessed a prominent presence in the fashion scene because of its rich history, great construction, and unparalleled versatility. 

The history

The beret hat dates back to France, during the 17th century. It was during the first half of the 19th century that beret manufacturing got industrialized. Then it got looked upon as a standard hat style that got produced in multiple factories. And when it was 1920, this hat was already getting worn by the French working class, and it gradually started to impact the western fashion world. 

This hat also has a military history. It got used by the French mountain infantrymen who got termed as the Alpine Hunters during WWI. Additionally, it got used by the reputed British Royal Tank Regiment and got identified as a part of the military regalia. Hence, the hat started to develop an army association, which is why people were wearing it in classy places, like the Michelin restaurants. 

The best qualities of the beret hat

Besides its vast and rich history, the beret hat is also known for its distinctive features and qualities. Here are a few things about it that you should know:

  • It looks one of its kinds

The beret style has a distinctive place amongst the flat caps owing to its excellent construction and crown. It forgoes any brim. Rather, it chooses a fashionable exposed hatband to give a classy and sleek appearance. Typically, a beret hat comes with round edges and a flat crown that makes it easy to wear seamlessly. And today, almost every beret hat is made of richly-dyed wool blends and is available in a wide variety of colors. 

  • It is versatile

Do you know what makes the beret hat truly special? It is its stunning adaptability. This hat style got featured in feminine and masculine styles right from the start. Hence, it’s an excellent option for expert stylists of both genders. And since these items can lodge several styles, you might be thinking about the best way to sport a beret hat. 

And there is no correct way to answer this! You can pull a beret hat to the side if you want to add an element of intrigue and mystery to your look and appearance. Alternatively, you might also want to pull it down on your head for a put-together and powerful look. Are you thinking whether it is correct to sport a beret hat indoors? If yes, then the answer is a big yes. It’s mostly because this hat was a part of the military uniform. Hence, this hat type got perceived as a classy and versatile hat that you can sport on several occasions. 

A beret can help you express yourself

The stunning construction, versatile expression, and rich history of the beret hats are enough to make them stay in the fashion scene for a long time. And if you are searching for this hat, you can come across several designs and options made available online by expert hat makers. Men and women across most age groups can sport this hat, as it creates a timeless look. The hat can enable you to highlight your personality and creativity. Do you wish to incorporate a Parisian flair into your look? Or do you want to sport a military-based look? In both situations, you can count on a beret hat. The online hat stores have several options for you. Go ahead and get your beret hat today. 

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