Public Restroom Etiquette You Must Know

For some, the first thing they check upon entering any facility, whether a hotel room or an office, is their restroom; or toilet and bath for hotel rooms. A quick check will tell you how good the company is. If the company gives importance to how their restrooms are maintained and keep their johns in tiptop shape, it will make you confident that they do their business in an equally capable way. They get an excellent sanitary stamp of approval.

Companies usually get contractors, like OziFresh, to do this job for them. Others are especially very particular about a restaurant’s restroom maintenance. Public consumers are entrusting them with the preparation of their meals. They must be able to exhibit great care in this area. If they can not maintain good hygiene in a place as exposed and public as their restroom, you can imagine what happens behind the kitchen doors.

Users are equally responsible for keeping public restrooms clean. They are also judged by the way they use them. How you are out of the house is about the same way you are at home.

Here are etiquettes to watch out for in using public restrooms:

  1. ALWAYS wash hands properly before leaving the restroom.

Washing hands properly means to clean with soap and water. Never leave the toilet without this critical process.

According to news from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), handwashing can prevent about 30% of diarrhea-related sickness and 20% of respiratory infections. Indirectly preventing these diseases by proper handwashing results in reduced antibiotic resistance since antibiotics are often prescribed for these diseases.

  1. Clean as you go.

This point means you must ensure that the stall or cubicle will be ready for use by the next person. Check the seat and floor for spills or water pools which you made and wipe accordingly. Ensure that your business has been flushed completely. Leave no trace. Throw your used toilet paper or personal hygiene products neatly into the trash bins. Do not flush personal hygiene products. Contractors like OziFresh carry hygiene bins. These bins need to have odour control. Should you miss the mark, gently pick up your dirt and throw them into the bin correctly. Do not leave them scattered on the floor. Report to the cleaner an overflowing trash bin.

  1. Make sure no one is inside before trying to open the door.

This takes away the uncomfortable moment when you push on the door and find someone inside or from the person inside to hold on the door to keep it closed when he or she is inside.

  1. Do not use your feet to flush toilets.

You might think this is to avoid getting germs on your hands. Are not doorknobs just as dirty? Are you not going to hold the doorknobs? Wash your hands before leaving the restroom. Be considerate and think of the next person. Your shoes have been trudging through all kinds of floor and street dirt. Do not unnecessarily add dirt to the flush by using your shoes. Ensuring this will also prevent accidents if you slip or lose balance. If you must, use toilet paper to hold the handle.

It is important to know how to practice public hygiene. A person’s hygiene behaviour contributes to public health. With our recent global situation, it is important that public hygiene and sanitation are consistently and constantly maintained.

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