Rev Up Your Savings: 10 Ways to Cut Costs on Your Next Car Rental

There are numerous reasons why people might prefer to rent a car. For example, people who only need a car for a short period, maybe for a vacation or a business trip, will find renting a car more convenient and affordable than buying one. Additionally, in urban areas with limited parking facilities, car renting is more convenient when needed. 

Whether you’re a newcomer to car rentals or a seasoned individual who frequently rents vehicles for various purposes, Swiss Vans is ready to cater to your needs by offering a wide range of cars that suit your budget. Also, read out these guidelines to cut off the extra cost of your next car rental. 

10 Ways – ‘How to Save Money on Car Rental‘

You rent a car to fulfill a goal, and a better driving experience is a must to reach your goal. Along with that, you have to ensure your rental vehicle isn’t overpriced & at the end of your rental timeframe, you return the car in the same condition you received. When renting a car, keeping all these aspects in mind is vital.

While dealing with many things correlated to car hire, people sometimes lag behind on saving bucks. So, we have curated some ways to save on rental cars. We looked throughout the whole renting process & list out the 10 most budget-friendly solutions.     

1. Compare Prices Ahead

If you are really looking for solutions on how to save money on car rental, you can not skip comparing prices beforehand. Spend some time investigating and contrasting various rental businesses before making a reservation. Use online platforms and websites that thoroughly explain costs, client feedback, and offer discounts to compare the prices. Additionally, look into local rental companies, as they frequently provide individualized service and competitive rates.

2. Book Early

While looking for solutions for how to save on car rentals, booking the vehicle in advance is quite an effective way. It’s wise to reserve your rental car in advance to get the best deals. Early booking can help you lock in lower rates because costs usually rise as you get closer to the rental date. Moreover, you can continue to monitor prices even after making a reservation. Once you see a decrease in prices, get in touch with the rental agency to rebook at the new, cheaper rate.  

3. Don’t Book Directly, Use Third Party Platforms 

Many websites now offer booking car rental services & sometimes, these third-party sites will feature discounts that you won’t see when booking directly through the car rental company. These third-party websites offer amazing deals to both first-time visitors & registered users. If you are lucky, you may also get seasonal discounts on the platform. This strategy can also help you compare prices in your area. 

4. Choose your insurance Plan Carefully

For finding solutions on how to save money on car rental, inspect carefully and refuse extras and insurance that are not necessary. There may not be a need for additional insurance if your credit card or personal auto insurance covers rental cars. Avoid optional extras like GPS devices and prepaid fuel since they frequently have high costs.

5. Use The Right Credit Cards 

Rental car insurance is one of the unexpected benefits that most credit cards offer and it can lower the overall cost of your rental. You may be eligible for coverage, which varies by card if you pay with your card instead of the rental company’s insurance policy. Most of the policies don’t cover antique or high-end vehicles, which won’t be a problem if you’re looking to cut costs. Before choosing which card to use, you must read the fine print.

6. Pay Tolls In Cash

While looking for solutions to how to save on rental cars, you can opt to pay the tolls in cash. Do not let the car rental company charge your credit card for the toll. There you may discover some hidden charges that raise the overall cost of your rental. To escape this trap, either pay in cash or bring your own transponder.

7. Choose Your Driver

Find out if you can get by with just one driver for the duration of your trip; this way, you will be able to save a significant amount of money. For additional authorized drivers, the majority of rental car companies impose a daily surcharge that can be quite expensive. If you do not prefer a driver and want to drive by yourself, read the safety guides first.

8. Inspect It Before Riding On It  

This is a very crucial point to look after while finding solutions on how to save money on car rental. Make a quick inspection to make sure the car you are going to hire is in good shape. Take pictures of any dings or other damage to the car. In case the rental company requests additional payment, you can show it to them.  

9. Check The Fuel Policy

Different rental agencies provide different fuel policies. The most typical type is called “full to full,” meaning that you pick up the car with a full tank and return it with a full tank. In this policy, you only pay for the fuel you use.

On the other hand, some rental car agencies have a “full to empty” policy. But they might add service fees on top of the cost of the fuel & end up being more expensive.

10. Bring your child’s seat

This is another hack that you can use as a solution how to save money on car rental. If you require a child seat, all you need to do is bring your own from home rather than pay extra to rent one from the rental agency. These renting charges are mostly added on a daily basis, & they can add up to the renting fee quickly. You can bring some baby gear on most travel without paying extra.


If you have finished reading all our tips on how to save money on car rental, you are definitely one step closer to holding some bucks on your next car rental. Additionally, we advise you to look closely at your credit card statements to ensure no extra fees were charged. 

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