Rob Ferretti Net Worth

Rob Ferretti Net Worth is US $10 million.

The name Rob Ferretti often pops up when the topics of YouTube personalities and Entrepreneurs come up. They are the things he does best. Consequently, they have earned him fame as well as handsome net worth. He is the founder of Gotham Dream Cars and Ferretti production. The first one is a booming car rental. The other one is the publisher of the super DVD series.

He is a Youtuber who has a considerable following. His YouTube channel, superspeedersRob, has 550,000 and 150 million subscribers and views, respectively. Why does everyone seem to find interest in what this man offers? We will look at that in a moment. We will unearth the life story, career and net worth of Rob Ferretti.

Rob Ferretti Net Worth

Early Life

Rob Ferretti was born in 1980 0n 18th September. Going by that date, the man is will soon turn 40. His place of birth was New Jersey. When it comes to his early life, there is little to tell. That is because there is no information regarding his parents and the place he grew up in. He had a brother called Joseph Ferretti. The man succumbed to his death as a result of a car crash.

Nevertheless, there are details regarding his education. At first, he joined the River High School. After that, he decided to further his studies. For that reason, he joined Gettysburg College. Then, he became a student at Ramapo College. Despite attending two colleges, he never graduated from either of them. Instead, he chooses to pursue his entrepreneurial career.


In 2003, Ferretti founded a company by the name Super Speeders. Then, he got an idea. It involved filming car races in the streets only to sell later in DVDs. Ferretti Productions handles the DVDs. What could have stopped him when his debut video turned out to be a success? That made him invests too. He got a racing car, Chevrolet Corvette C5, and modified it the best way he could.

The year 2003 was a great one for him. He partnered with Noah Lehman-Haupt to create Gotham Dream Cars. They had met earlier in the Ferrari Show. It is good to acknowledge that it was Noah’s idea.

Personal Life

Though her name remains a mystery, Rob Ferretti has a wife. The couple has a son together. His name is also unknown.

Rob Ferretti Net Worth

Rob Ferretti has an estimated net worth of $10 million. This man has several sources of income. He has a YouTube channel which earns him money through ads. Since he has more than 150 million views this is a considerable amount. His production company publishes his Super Speed DVDs. Again, he gets to make money. It also offers TVs as well as other companies its production services. The other company that has significantly contributed to his wealth is the Gotham Dream Cars. That is how he makes a living. Additionally, he accumulates wealth.


It is a one of a kind rich to rags story. What else would you call changing from a school dropout to a millionaire? His companies keep expanding year in year out. He also has a love for cars. Rob Ferretti is a man who has changed his hobby, the cars, into a successful career.

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