Roof Maintenance: How to Stay on Top Of Your Home’s Most Important Component

Your roof is your home’s great protector against the elements of nature. Without your roof, the weather would eat away at your home until it literally falls apart on you.

The worst part is that without proper roof maintenance, this can still happen. Fortunately, we’re going to help you avoid this grim fate.

The following guide lists all the major maintenance steps you need to take in order to protect your roof and extend its lifespan. This includes both DIY and professional maintenance tasks. To keep your roof, and your home, in good repair, read and follow these steps.

  1. Keep Your Gutters Clean

Clogged gutters causing rainwater to overflow onto your roof. Eventually, this constant moisture will damage your roof and your siding.

These clogs are most commonly caused by leaves and other debris that fall from nearby trees. Check your gutters every few months, and more often in the fall, and remove any blockages you see.

In winter, ice can clog your gutters, too. Clear ice blockages away with lukewarm water until they are dissolved. Lastly, fix any dents or warping of your gutters as these can cause overflows as well.

  1. Check For Roof Damage

While checking out your gutters, take note of any debris from broken shingles, flashing, and other roofing materials. You can also check for this debris by walking the perimeter of your home.

It’s not a good idea to walk around on your roof to look for damage, though. Even for professionals, this can be deadly.

  1. Safely Remove Overhanging Branches

Large branches can fall on your roof and cause massive damage. Even if they don’t, the leaves they drop can pile up. These piles will clog your gutters and hold moisture against your roof until it deteriorates.

It’s best, then, that you safely remove large, overhanging branches. You should probably have this done professionally so you don’t cause roof damage yourself. Furthermore, keep tree branches trimmed before they have a chance to grow over your roof.

  1. Spot and Fix Leaks Right Away

Roof leaks fill your home with moisture and deteriorate your property very fast. If you notice any signs of roof leaks (dripping, water stains), have a professional roofer check/fix these leaks right away.

  1. Have Your Roof Checked Annually

Besides all these DIY steps, it’s extremely important to get a professional opinion on the matter, too. Have your roof checked annually by professional roofers in your area.

To find the best roofing company, use Google. For example, search for “roofers in Montgomery, IL,” if you live in this location. Then, choose the roofer with the highest user rating.

  1. Have Your Roof Replaced as Necessary

Even well-maintained roofs don’t last forever. The lifespan of yours depends on what it’s made of and how well it’s maintained. During your annual roof checkup, your local roofer should tell you whether yours needs replacing.

Remember These Roof Maintenance Tips

Don’t let your roof fall apart on you. Keep your home’s most important component healthy and strong with these roof maintenance steps.

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