Safely Build Homes With These Well-Known Types of Scaffolds

Are you currently building your new home and you want to be a hands-on owner? Being meticulous isn’t a bad thing. Builders prefer homeowners that are very concerned about the details of their new home. 

Now, what are scaffolds? Are you familiar with how it supports the construction process and ensures the worker’s safety? Scaffold is a temporary structural platform used to elevate the overall structure, supports the workers on their tasks, and provides a way for materials to be transported in different parts of the structure.

How are scaffolds made?

Most of the time, scaffolds are made up of one or more planks with specific sizes, lengths that have different purposes depending on their type. While some scaffolds are made up of steel and metals. Some types are even foldable and moveable, which adds accessibility to the scaffold. The following are the most common scaffold types:

  • Steel Scaffolding

Based on its name, it’s made up of steel tubes attached with couplers that make it easy to assemble and disassemble. Scaffolding, in general, is quite expensive, but it provides various benefits and is essential in following safety protocols. Steel scaffolding is commonly used for outdoor constructions and big structures.

  • Patented Scaffolding

This type of scaffolding is also made of steel and is attached using couplings and different frames. You can find them in the market and being sold as a readymade scaffold. The brackets where the working platform is attached are adjustable and very useful for various purposes. For additional mobility, there are Patented Scaffolds that are foldable and moveable as well.

  • Cantilever Scaffolding

So far, this type of Scaffolding is the most complicated. Cantilever Scaffolding is often called Single Frame Scaffolding. It is installed to the structure’s walls by drilling holes and installing a chain of needles to support the scaffold. The installation and maintenance process is tedious to ensure the sturdiness of the scaffold.

  • Single Scaffolding

This type of scaffolding is considered the traditional type. Single Scaffolding is considered as one of the oldest and most basic structures of scaffolds. It is made up of ledgers and putlogs that stand in front of a wall with a distance of at least 1.2 meters. 

  • Suspended Scaffolding

Suspended scaffolding is a scaffold variety that you can usually see when they are already painting the structure. It is almost the same as patented scaffolding with its adjustable working platforms, but the only difference is it is made up of ropes or chains tied to each platform and hung on the roof. Through the rope, you can adjust it depending on your desired height level.

Why are scaffolds important during construction?

The sole purpose of scaffolds is to provide safety support for the workers when they ensure that the structure is built with conciseness. That’s why there are different types of scaffolds with different uses and different kinds of support structures. 

A good and smooth sailing construction of your house or any building, in particular, requires a lot of patience and consideration not only for future delays and minor hiccups but to also put the safety of everyone first. Remember, a sturdy building wouldn’t be built if no workers invest their hard work in it.

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