Show Your Pearly Whites! 6 Awesome Benefits of Having Straight Teeth 

Around 4 million Americans wear braces, and that number’s only going up. Increasing numbers of people are having braces fitted in order to correct their crooked teeth.

Who can really blame them? Having perfect teeth offers a whole host of aesthetic and functional advantages.

Want to learn more about having straight teeth? Read on for six top benefits of having straight teeth.

1. It Facilitates Oral Hygiene

Crooked, crowded, or gap-filled teeth are far harder to keep clean.

Unfortunately, the difficulty involved in brushing and flossing can eventually lead to cavities and plaque build-up. Leave your teeth crooked for too long and more serious oral hygiene issues can arise.

Straight teeth turn the situation around. You’re able to keep them cleaner with greater ease, which facilitates the overall health of your mouth.

2. It Leads to Fewer Dental Problems

Few things in life are worse than suffering dental issues. They’re painful, uncomfortable, and make it difficult to chew.

As we’ve just seen, the inability to adhere to proper oral hygiene is one way that wonky teeth can do damage. However, you’re also more likely to experience cracks, chips, and sores.

After all, straightened teeth don’t protrude in awkward ways. As such, falls/collisions, for example, have less chance of causing dental breaks.

3. It Makes Your Gums Healthier

The health of your gums is of huge importance.

If you aren’t careful, dangerous gum disease can develop. That, in turn, can cause a whole host of serious physical health complications.

Straight teeth, and the newfound ease of cleaning them, can help prevent the onset of this issue. You’re more likely to steer clear of gum disease and the debilitating consequences that can come with it.

4. It Reduces Speech Difficulties

Crooked/crowded/gap-filled teeth can have a direct impact on your speech.

They can make it harder to pronounce certain words, and all manner of speech impediments can arise. Straightening your teeth may help to correct speech problems that have bothered you throughout life.

5. It Increases Confidence and Self-Esteem

Getting Invisalign or braces to straighten your teeth is about more than just oral health. It’s about your mental and emotional wellbeing, too.

People often feel ashamed or embarrassed by their dental problems. In some cases, they might cover their mouths when they smile, or avoid smiling altogether.

Straightening your teeth can turn that situation around and restore someone’s confidence and self-esteem.

6. It Reduces the Risk of Headaches/Neck Pain

Did you know that misaligned teeth can lead to pain in your head and neck?

It’s true. Having crooked teeth can pull your bite out of place and apply stress on particular areas of the mouth. In time, this leads to jaw misalignment and ensuing headaches and neck pain.

Fixing the dental issues can prevent that eventuality or reverse the problem if it’s already present.

Enjoy the Benefits of Straight Teeth!

Millions of people in the US undertake orthodontic treatment every single year.

Hopefully, the benefits of perfectly straight teeth that we’ve highlighted in this post have helped explain why they do it. If you’ve struggled with crooked teeth, consider your options and get them straightened out.

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