Soldered Treasures: Metal Wall Decor Ideas for Budding Interior Designers

Did you know that metal decor is one of the most important design elements there is? It’s true.

Metal decorations are a perfect design solution in any context. That is, they’re versatile enough to match any style: modern, rustic, natural, abstract, etc.

Metal decor pieces are also highly customizable and eco-friendly. Your clients can use them to spruce up their homes or bring attention to their businesses. Besides metal wall decor, vinyl wall decals are another easy alternative way to decorate the wall. You just need to peel and stick these wall stickers on your space walls and they will transform your room in a few minutes of installation. You can go now to see a large collection of wall decals.

In addition to these examples, you’ll find plenty of metal wall decor ideas in the following guide. Read on to learn why you should include metal decor in all your design projects.

1. Metallic Plants and Flowers

If you’re having trouble choosing a design for your metal art piece, think about plants and flowers. Seriously, coming up with a design based on decorative flora is so easy, that it feels like cheating.

Simply ask yourself, what type of decorative plants match the theme of the room? It could be climbing vines, ferns, aloe, holly, lilies, baby’s breath, etc. Once you choose the perfect plant, design the piece.

2. 3D Wall Decoration Ideas

Next, your vine-inspired piece needn’t lay flat against the wall. Its leaves and tendrils can protrude outwards for a 3D effect.

Also, try layering geometric shapes three-dimensionally. This is a surprisingly simple way to make modern art.

Start by cutting geometric shapes out of paper and scattering them on a table. Rearrange them until you achieve an aesthetically pleasing design. Finally, turn the design into a metal wall decoration.

3. Art Designed By Your Clients

Next, get your clients involved if they’re artistically inclined (and wish to participate). They can create metal wall art that serves as the perfect centerpiece of your interior design scheme. Also, they can add their own names, business logos, and other relevant information.

4. Designs Inspired By Other Art Pieces

If you’re still stumped for ideas, borrow from other art pieces, room decor, furniture, and even pop culture references. This is another way to create a deeply personal decor scheme for your clients.

Furthermore, if you’re not skilled at crafting metal art yourself, recruit professional help. Order custom metal artwork from an affordable service such as

5. Multimedia Metal Decor

Metal is great for multimedia wall art, too. Works that combine metal and colored glass are particularly breathtaking. Wood and polished stone also mesh well with metal.

6. Recycled Metal Decor

A lot of people enjoy art made from recycled metal, like street signs and license plates. This is both cheap and eco-friendly.

7. Stains and Effects

If the metal doesn’t match the room style, try coloring it with various stains and effects. You can even antique the metal to match actual antiques in the room.

8. Functional Wall Art

Lastly, you can make your metal wall art functional. Add sconces for holding candles. Or create custom frames for pictures, collages, mirrors, and clocks.

Try These Wall Decor Ideas

Now that you know, try these wall decor ideas for yourself. Think about how you can incorporate these metal decor ideas into your next project.

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