Summer Madness: Common Plumbing Problems During The Summer Season

Summer is here, indeed! Can you already feel the February heat? This is the time that water is incredibly needed for every household here in Australia. Knowing how painful is the Australian heat, a faulty, leaking pipe should be addressed immediately, right? 

Before the summer season starts, it will be helpful to contact a plumbing company like Command Plumbing Services, which is just around the neighborhood with a good reputation and has all the facilities needed beforehand. You don’t want to spoil the summer fun. Here are some issues that are more likely to occur during the summer season. It is not fun to get your summer party spoiled by a faulty pipeline, is it?

  • Clogged disposal pipes: The summer season is the time for many outdoor activities. A barbeque or picnic in the garden with fresh fruits and vegetables. Parties here and there and wastes could be a lot to handle. Mishandled waste management could lead to a much bigger problem. Food leftovers, fruit stones, corn cobs, and fatty grease from meat thrown can clog and block the smooth flow in your plumbing. If the problem is not that complex and complicated, then DIY methods may be done. But if the situation gets worse, call a 24/7 plumbing service like Command Plumbing Services immediately or any nearby plumbing company.
  • Toilet pipes are clogged: Summer means vacation for children and students. So, parents keep a closer look at your toilets’ flappers, chains, and handles. Having all the kids around, it could increase the possibilities of the amenities to wear and tear. 
  • A problem with sprinklers: Hosting parties and gatherings on your lawn can increase the tendency for people to accidentally step on your sprinklers. This is hard to detect for they really are expected to sprinkle water, but you shall soon see your water bill.
  • The slow drainage system in the showers: Went home from the beach and had to wash off dirt and sand? If this is the cause of your clogged showers, don’t use chemical clog removers, you should contact a professional plumber instead because this is complicated. 
  • Overloaded washing machines: Many vacations and trips outside could really increase the work for your washing machine. And this will lead to the leaking hose. leaked hose won’t only increase your utility bill, and it can even flood your house if you fail to notice it. But thankfully, it can be solved easily.
  • Your sump pumps: This is a piece of essential equipment, especially if you have a basement. A sump pump keeps your basement dry during the rainy season. Unexpected rains during the summer could be intense if you don’t pump and clean it regularly. And if your sump pump suddenly broke down or unexpectedly didn’t work, you should replace or troubleshoot it rapidly to prevent water from building up in your basement.
  • Faucet leaks on your outdoor areas: Just like a damaged sprinkler, you can hardly notice a leaking faucet because water is essential outside during the summer season. So, make sure that you double-check them before they severely increase your utility bills.

Summer is the best season to gather with your family and friends. Aside from this, as a humble host, you must ensure their safety in your home and address internal conflicts in your home immediately. Summer, here we go!

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