The Benefits Of Ductless Heating Units

Is your duct heating system emitting noise as it runs, and becoming quite the distraction? Do you want to increase the efficiency of your heating unit? Then it’s time you install a ductless heating system in your home. 

Just as the name suggests, a ductless heating unit requires no duct pipes in its installation. All that’s needed is an outdoor compressor and an indoor evaporator unit. Nowadays, manufacturers are discovering ways to increase the efficiency of heating units. And with these great advancements unfolding, ductless heating units are more and more being considered by homeowners because of its cost-efficient and eco-friendly qualities.

If you’re still contemplating installing a ductless heating unit for your home, here are the benefits that’ll help you decide to consider it: 

Easy Installation

A ducted heating unit requires you to carry out some renovations, such as ceiling removal, to properly install duct pipes. The extent of renovation needed is determined by consulting heating contractors in your area, such as heating contractor Berryville VA, that are experts with these kinds of installations. This might take several weeks to complete. Additionally, you need to figure out how the duct pipes will run along the top of your walls, plus the amount of space you need to provide to place the systems.

However, with a ductless system, no renovation is needed for its installation. All that’s required is a three-inch hole made on only one of the exterior walls but will eventually be covered by the indoor unit. As a result, it won’t interfere with the aesthetics of your interior, unlike endless visible pipes with the ducted system. All these characteristics will make installing a ductless system faster and effortless. 

Efficient Performance

The ductless heating unit consumes less energy in comparison to its ducted counterpart because there’s no need for duct pipes that are often responsible for air leaks, reducing the efficiency of their performance.

This system also allows for zoning in the heating of your home. With zoning, you can place independent heating units only in the rooms that need heating. This is quite convenient, especially where different rooms require different temperatures, such as the bedroom and kitchen. Zoning will reduce the possibility of energy wastage, unlike in the ducted system wherein heating is permanently distributed in the whole house, whether it’s being used or not.

Oftentimes, a ducted heating unit operates with distracting noises in the background, which can be disturbing. One of the benefits that a ductless system can give the homeowner is its noiseless operation while still providing efficient performance.

Less Maintenance

Easy maintenance for the ductless heating system is reduced to frequently changing its filters and removing any obstructions on its outdoor unit. Unlike the ducted heating unit, which requires duct repairs and inspections for air leakages and checking vents in each room. 

Save Money

With the reduced energy consumption, you end up saving much money.

The ease and fast installation of the ductless heating system reduce the amount of labor and work needed, reducing the amount of cash you’ll spend on wages. It also eliminates associated costs that arise due to the need for renovations. 

As previously stated, zoning and no ductwork reduce energy consumption through less wastage and no air leaks, respectively. This reduces your energy bills to a bare minimum, which is a plus.

Ductless systems require less maintenance, reducing the costs incurred in hiring a contractor every so often.

Heating-unit vendors tend to provide rebates, and there are tax reductions by the government when you purchase a ductless heating system that consumes less energy. Such incentives reduce the initial cost of acquiring your ductless system, saving you money.

Great Indoor Air Quality

The ducted heating system requires a lot of piping for it to operate efficiently. The duct pipes can harbor mold and allergens which can lead to respiratory illnesses and also alleviate existing allergic conditions. There’s also the possibility of the pipes becoming homes to pests and rodents. All these factors can affect the quality of air in your home.

On the other hand, the ductless system requires no pipework, eliminating the possible accumulation of pests and allergens. This system also boasts a multi-stage filtration system that ensures that the air is well filtered before being released into your home. This ensures a quality air supply in your house.

Allows For Smart Systems

With a ductless heating system, you can replace the thermostat with an intelligent system. The intelligent option allows you to control the temperatures from anywhere in your home through your smartphone or any other smart device that you have. This allows for superb convenience and accessibility.

Environmentally Friendly

As seen, the ductless heating unit consumes less energy in its life span and also reduces energy loss. 

In addition, it also has a refrigerant that ensures it doesn’t negatively impact the environment by being a contributor to ozone depletion.

The benefit of using ductless heating units, can lower down your carbon footprint, and be compliant with environmental standards


As seen, there are many benefits associated with the use of a ductless heating unit for your home, ranging from reduced costs to its efficiency. Therefore, don’t be left behind as others enjoy these merits. Remember to have a maintenance checklist routine every once in a while, for your ductless system. 

Undoubtedly, ductless air conditioners will increase in popularity as people begin to realize the many advantages they offer.

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