The Best Ways to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

You wake up in the morning covered in red welts. You spent your night between the sheets itching more than sleeping, too.

It can only mean one thing. You have a dreaded bed bug infestation!

Bed bugs aren’t actually that small, but they’re very clever at the “hide” part of hide-and-seek. And worst of all, they can live for not weeks but months between feeds.

Read on to learn some practical ways to get rid of bed bugs for good.


One of the simplest home remedies for bed bugs is sucking them up with your vacuum cleaner. This only works if you have a powerful machine and vacuum often–at least once every few days.

Run your vacuum hose thoroughly over your mattress, all your bedding, and any soft furniture in your home. Get deep into the crevices; bed bugs are notorious for hiding in the smallest of spaces. Also, vacuum your carpet, rugs, or any cracks in your floorboards.

After you finish, carefully empty the bag or collection container (for a bagless vacuum) far away from your home.

Heat or Ice Treatments

To heat treat your bedding and clothing, you just need to bundle everything in the dryer and run it on high for a few hours. If you live in a warm climate, you can also put everything into black plastic bags and leave them out in the sun all day.

If neither option works for you, learn more about professional bed bugs extermination options in your area. They can provide you with a portable heat chamber or heat treat your entire home.

You can also cold treat the same possessions by putting them in a sealed bag and placing them in a freezer set to 0o F or below. However, be aware that most household freezers don’t have reliable temperature settings, so getting rid of bed bugs using this technique may not be successful.

Sprinkle Some Powder

But not just any old powder!

Take those silica gel packets that come in food packaging, empty them, and crush the crystals into a fine powder. Sprinkle that anywhere the bed bugs hang out. Alternatively, you can use baking soda or diatomaceous earth (DE).

All of these powders are potentially dangerous when inhaled, so don’t sprinkle them on your mattress or bedding or anywhere pets or children sleep.

Scent Treatment

If you’re wondering what gets rid of bed bugs, you might reach for the essential oils. And this actually has some merit. The smell of lavender induces nausea in bed bugs, as does the smoke from a burning stick of dried thyme.

Place crushed dried mint leaves in your bedding, under your mattress, and on your sofa to deter bed bugs. You can also wash your clothing and bed linens with scented dryer sheets.

Ways to Get Rid of Bed Bugs That Work

Once you have them, bed bugs are notoriously hard to get rid of. Hopefully, these tricks and tips will ensure your family gets a peaceful night’s sleep every night. And if you’ve tried all these ways to get rid of bed bugs with no success, it’s time to call in a professional exterminator.

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