The Complete Kitchen Essentials Checklist for Beginners

Ever wonder how so many people seem to have fun in the kitchen? Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn to cook but can’t seem to cut the mustard. Here is your first kitchen essentials checklist to make cooking easy, fun, and delicious.

Kitchen Tools

Having the right tools for the job certainly makes things a lot easier. Start with this basic kitchen essential tools checklist and your cooking workflow will improve.

Basic Knife Set

A basic knife set will include a chef’s knife, a bread knife, and a smaller utility knife. Be sure to keep them clean and sharp because a dull blade is dangerous. Treat your knives well and they can last a lifetime.

Cutting Board

A good plastic cutting board is easy to clean and won’t dull your knives like marble and stone. High-quality plastic won’t absorb germs but wooden boards can if not cleaned properly. Have 2 – never prepare meat and vegetables on the same cutting board.

Measuring Cups and Spoons

Portioning is essential in any kitchen, but especially so for bakers. While experienced cooks can eyeball ingredients, baking requires precise measurements. Glass and plastic cups are perfect for melting ingredients in the microwave.


You won’t see a lot of fancy gadgets on this essential checklist for a kitchen. Chef Alton Brown from TV’s Good Eats famously dislikes single purpose gizmos. Simply put, a few basics will do most tasks.

Pots and Pans

With endless variations on simple pots and pans, it can be hard to decide which is best for you. Consider what you’re likely to be cooking before you buy an expensive set. However, you will need at least a frying pan, a pot or pan for making sauces, and a pot for boiling water.

Non-stick, cast iron or stainless steel? The list goes on, but don’t be overwhelmed. Check out this guide to help you decide which material works best in your kitchen.

Mixing Bowls

A few different sized mixing bowls will help you mix cake batter, toss salads, and defrost meats. You’d be wise to get a set that comes with lids too. Again, you want something microwave safe like glass or plastic.  

Herbs and Spices

Depending on your palate, keep the flavors you like handy – fresh cracked pepper, cinnamon, oregano, and cumin are all great starters. Dried herbs and spices can last a year or more if stored correctly, so get adventurous! 

Basic Kitchen Essentials Checklist

Every cook knows to set their workspace, and themselves, up for success first. Home chefs dream of building the perfect kitchen. Creating a brand new space with every desired tool and utensil is ideal.  

If you have the luxury of building your own kitchen with every cooking appliance, take a look at ranges and refrigerators. Additionally, suppliers often stock many of the items on this kitchen essentials checklist.

Cooking is as much of an art as it is a science. Remember to work smarter and not harder. A few basic items ready for anything will serve you better than any gadget good for only one thing.

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